You Can't See With Closed Eyes

Perl Johnson was a normal 10 year old, until her mother was grusomely murdered in front of her. Of course, she couldn't see. Being the first human with black iris's, she always kept her eyes closed, had never seen anyone. Now 18, her dad is remarried, and her step sister, Saphrie, is popular, well-loved, and top in all of her classes. When Saphrie goes missing, Perl is blamed, but they never found proof. Newly on the lam, Perl changes her name, dies her hair, pierces her body, gets many tattoos, and finally, finds the people she never thought she'd find. Her celebrity enemies, One Direction. One has fallen. Four are not as you'd think.


1. Background View: (Kinda like the blurb)

I was born with black iris's so I have never opened my eyes. My mother was murdered in front of me. My father remarried to a druggie. The druggie, Jocelyn,'s daughter, Saphrie, has gone missing and since Saphrie has always bullied me -Hey, you see that, Perl, oh wait... snicker snicker snicker-, they believe I did it. I ran away before the cops could come, and now I'm 4000 miles from home. I still havent opened my eyes. I now live in London, UK. I changed my name from Perl to Anthem, I cut my hair to a choppier style, died my hair purple, got two eyebrow piercings, one nose piercing, snakebites, 6 piercings on each ear, a belly button piercing, and got about 23? tattoos. I just met someone who gets me, but his friends snicker behind my back. And I mean, they sit behind me and laugh.



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