Black wings : The Resistance and the assasin

This story is about an 18 year old boy named Ren who looks for his father while taking back their country from the empire of the black hole and avenge his poster father’s death by using the dark dragon’s power.


1. Fall of peace

“Well this is our last advance,” the final battle between the White galaxy against the black hole army that invades their country. “I’ll lead my squad cover us,” a man said before removing his helmet that shapes like a mountain biker helmet. 5 years before the war “dammit! I’m going to be late!” a 14 year old boy Ren is late again. His school bell is 7:00 and the time is now 6:50 in his watch. “Why do my enemies are here again?!” after he said that he stab his umbrella to his enemy and make his bike fly accidentally then land on a truck finally crush on a house wall. “you ok Ren?” a girl ask Ren “oh Anna it’s you” Ren said softly. Anna is a close friend of Ren. “morning fellas!” a boy said “Hans!” said both. Hans is another close friend to Ren but his blood boil when Ren see his crush Karen. Karen is the hottest girl in the whole campus.“ Hey I thought you two are in school already?” Ren ask to his friends then Anna notice the time in Ren’s watch. “Silly maybe you totally forgotten to adjust you watch an hour.” “yeah Anna is right” Hans replied She notice Hans watch to “Hans you think that you are late to right” then Hans became speech less “ hey lets hurry up before it’s too late!” His both friends agree. Few minutes later they arrive on their  school, Saika High. Many of their school mates arewaiting in front of their school, waiting for Karen and Edgar. Edgar, the most popular man in their school but he’s the most foolish person in there campus.

“Too many morons they don’t think that Karen was only using them right?” then Anna agrees.  “What about you Ren Ren?” then he finds Ren standing with the other school mates “why you!” then he bonk Ren’s head. “awwwww! What was that for Hans?!” as usual Ren and Hans fight because of karen. “Sigh”“ah boys”.

“Hans Burst arrow” their professor said while checking the attendance “here” Hans said. “Anna Williams”“here” she replied. “Edgar Springfield”“always here sir “Edgar replied while his both legs are in his desk “Ren Fast Bullet… replies. Maybe he is late again”“sir Ren is asleep!” his classmate said to their professor then their professor took a look at Ren while he is asleep”“you!!” there professor bonk Ren’s head harder than Hans’s. Lunch break “oh man finaly! Half of our class is over” Ren said. “this is your chance Mary to give that lunch to Ren” a girl said to Mary. Mary, a 14 year old girl that classes next to Ren’s class and has a crush on Ren since  he save her from getting rape. “am Ren he-here.” she said to Ren “thanks” after Ren said that, Mary’s face turn into red “you ok?” Ren ask then he touch Mary’s head that made her face more red “maybe lets go to the clinic?” “I’m fine don’t worry about me!!” after she said that she walk swiftly out of their class room. After lunch break “swimming class is finally here!!” Hans said “don’t shout I hear you Hans” Ren replied. One of Hans characteristic is being a pervert .“hey Ren”“do you think that Anna will be the cutest girl when she wears her swimsuit? Ren?” he finds Ren with the other school mates that is waiting for Karen. Karen go out of the girl dressing room wearing her swimsuit all the boys go nosebleed. “Ren!!?” Ren heard that he turn his head slowly to Hans and see a demon like person. Hans bonk Ren’s head even harder. “Are the bombs are ready?”“Yes my lord”

The army of the black hole are going to are an attack on Ren’s country the White galaxy “I sense danger” Ren’s father said “ his sword most be ready” he said to himself then open a door hid in Ren’s bed after that he opened a cabinet and it has an katana inside.“The dakusaberu” but suddenly the roof collapse huge stones hit him.

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