Black wings : The Resistance and the assasin

This story is about an 18 year old boy named Ren who looks for his father while taking back their country from the empire of the black hole and avenge his poster father’s death by using the dark dragon’s power.


2. Birth of anger

 "Karen!...Karen!!... are you gonna  wake up or what" then Karen woke up seeing Ren near him

 suddenly Karen slaps Ren's face "pervert!!!" she shouted. Ren yelled back saying "hey i'm just trying to help" then Hans came with a gun "Ren we still need help there is to many casualties". Karen look at her self full of bandages "Hans bring Karen to the others i'll look for more students who needs help" Ren. "Anna what will happen to us?" a classmate of Anna ask her"everything will be fine i got fate to Hans and Ren" she replied "i hope so" Mary said to her self "Anna!" Hans shouted. "Hans" Anna said to her self while blushing "where's Ren?" she asked "still looking for casualties" he replied. "Man how many those this dudes are?" Ren ask him self " ok why am i asking my self?" he said to him self again but then Ren heard a voice asking for help " Arnold?" he said. Suddenly he saw his classmate Arnold being pointed by a gun."i beg for you please let me go" Arnold said "why would we let a wimp like you live?".Then Ren throw a rock and eliminate the Black hole soldier by using his pen"you OK?"  Ren ask "i fin" suddenly Arnold was hit by a sniper "tsk i missed the other one" some blood stain hit Ren's face his anger rise he took a gun of a dead soldier his eyes turn black. He shot the gun the bullets turn into cannon balls " that kid is a demon!" the soldier shout before dying then he run to find Anna and the others.defend the wounded ones Hans said while in a middle of a battle. "Kill all the wimps" a Black hole commander said "why you!!!!!!!!!!!" Ren shout while running he beat the enemy squad while his eyes were black "everyone we are the last ones of this school they want a fight then we give them a fight tougher than what they think!" many of the students join Ren to fight the invaders. "Do you think we can win this fight " Edgar said Ren just ignore what he said then Ren's eyes turn red again. "The wimps is attacking us?!" a chain of explosion appeared "what?!" enemy soldiers said "how Ren the loser beat then" Edgar said "Ren look for father" Mary said with a big smile in her face "your right" Ren replied. While Ren is running he saw a squad of White galaxy soldiers "our school need some help"  he said "we'll do what we can " there commander replied. When he reach his home "Dad!...Dad!...Dad!... where are you?!" Ren said "son i'm here" Rens father said "Ren take your sword the dakusaberu go and find your real father in the other world, i won't last Ren i love you".After Ren saw his father's last breath his anger against the Black hole rise and his eyes turn into dark red. Suddenly the sky turn black then lightning and thunder rage on then theirs a shadow of a unknown creature came out"Kill them! Kill them all! 

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