My Brother

Hi. I'm Mackenzie Styles. Probably don't know me but you know my twin. Harry. He's keeping me a secret from the lads until they come home for a holiday. Mums excited to see him, but guess who isn't? Me. I changed since Harry went off to the Xfactor and he isn't going to like me but who the hell cares anyway. He's been gone now for three years and now he wants to come back. He's sold out arenas and next year he's going on a stadium tour. Mum said that Gemma really misses him. I miss Gemma. She moved out and now I'm alone with Robin and mum. I like it here by myself but I get ignored. Robin doesn't like how I changed. I want to be like him but you know I can't. Last time. Last time I seen him was three damn years ago and now he's coming back. He's a dick. He wouldn't text me, he wouldn't call me but now he's coming back do you understand that? No. Me neither.


3. What Did I Just See ?

(Kenzie's POV)

Liam damn Payne is cute as fuck. I hope this week will be great and maybe him and I can talk more and we can actually meet and not just say hi to each other when we see each other. I'm bisexual that mean I like lads and girls. I just needed to get that out there. I'm trying to get over McKenna and I'm getting over her quicker than I thought. It's probably because Liam is here and I'm thinking about him a lot.

McKenna - "Why aren't you talking to me?"


McKenna - "Ever since Harry and the lads got here you haven't talked to me."

 "McKenna they have only been here for 10 minutes give me time with my brother I haven't seen him since I was 16 and I missed him and you can't tell me that I can talk to you and not them because we aren't dating and when we did date I let you talk to Jeremy and you know I don't like him so I can talk to the lads and you can't say anything about it because I let you talk to other people and you knew I hated him."

McKenna - "I'm dating Jeremy."

 "I'm fine with that because I like Liam and I don't think you and I were meant to be anyway."

McKenna - "We were never meant to be, because I never liked you, like that."

"I think it's time for you to leave."

McKenna - "Bye."


Liam - "Hey sweet thing, what's up?"


Liam - "Would you like to hangout with us lads?"

"Yeah because I like one of you guys."

Liam - "Which one of us do you like Kenz?"

 "You have to find out I will give you clues when we hangout."

Liam - "Sneaky bitch."

"Well then."

Louis - "Hey Mack, can we talk for a second?"

"Yeah Lou what's up?"

Louis - "Do you accept the fact that I'm dating Harry?"



 "If he can accept the fact that I'm bisexual then I can accept the fact that he is gay."



Louis - "Liam really likes you."

"Yeah I know and I like him but I didn't tell him because I wanted to see how long it takes him to figure out that I like him."

Louis - "When does your mum and Robin come back?"

 "They won't be back for three days because Robin had to do something out of town so we have the whole home to ourselves."

Louis - "Harry said that you have an extra bed in your room, who are you going to have sleep with you?"

 "For the first night I'm going to have Zayn so Liam thinks I like Zayn."

Louis - "Smart cookie."

 "Will you do something for me?"

Louis - "Yeah."

 "Will you go pick up some brown hair dye and my contacts?"

Louis - "Yeah but I wont tell Harry I promise."

"Thanks Louis."

Zayn and Liam came inside with me and they were whispering stuff.

 "Secrets don't make friends." I rolled my eyes and kicked Liam's bum.

Liam - "Shit what was that for?" 

I shrugged my shoulder and said "First one to guess my middle name gets to sleep in my room with me."

Liam -" Eh Rachel?"

Zayn - "Hm Heather?"

"Keep guessing."

Liam - "Nicole?"

Zayn - "I know it's Taylor, Harry told me."

 "Yeah it's Taylor."





Liam - "Mackenzie Taylor Styles."



 "Liam James Payne."



Liam - "You know my name?"



 "Yeah kind of 'dedicated' here."




Liam - "Oh you're one of those girls."



 "What, I like 'him' just because he's in a band? No I'm not like that."




Zayn - "Where is Niall?"




Liam - "He went to the store with Louis I think."

 "Oh okay have you seen Harry?"





Zayn - "He's in his room."



I walked up to Harry's room. Yeah Harry still has a room for when he visits. I haven't been in there since he told me he was going on the X Factor. I started crying that day because we used to be so close and now we don't know that much about each other. I miss being with Harry. I walked in and Harry was laying on his bed.



"Harold, what's wrong?"





Harry - "You."



 "What did I do?"




Harry - "You changed."





"You changed too Harry, don't blame me for changing when you did too."




Harry - "Mackenzie we are never going to be close like we used to."




I walked out of Harry's room. Why is he being such a dick? Why isn't he accepting me. I thought he would but I guess not. Louis just got back and I'm going to have him tell Harry that I love him and I do want to be close like we were.



 "Louis did you get my stuff?"




Louis - "Yeah I did."





"Can you tell Harry that I love him and that I want us to be close like we were."














Louis - "Yeah."




Niall and Liam were in my room. I walked to my bedroom and stood at the door.




Liam - "She likes me not you Niall."





Niall - "No shit Sherlock."



Liam - "You know she has to like Zayn because he's sleeping with her tonight."





Niall - "Do you think he will pull something on her?"





Liam - "I hope not because she is mine."





Niall - "Watch he will pull something on her and she will wake up tomorrow morning and be dating him."



Liam - "Niall I'm trying to think positive and you're not helping."





Niall - "Why are we in her room?"






Liam - "I'm installing camcorders so I can watch her."





Niall - "Liam you know she might have sex with Zayn to night right?"




Liam - "No she won't Niall."








Liam - "Oh shit Mackenzie, what are you doing here?"






 "Liam this is my room."






Niall - "How much did you hear?"




"Hear about what I just not got to my room."





Niall - "Okay, can we do something really fun?"



 "Depends on what it is."




Liam and Niall looked at each other.




Liam - "We have to guess things about you and if we get it right you have to take off your clothes."



 "Harry can't see me like that."





Liam - "We know and we will have him look away or we will put a blindfold on him."




"Okay let's gather up everybody."



I walked into Harry's room and I seen something that I would never ever want to see again. Harry and Louis are having sex and I just seen them. That is so weird. Louis was thrusting himself into Harry and Harry was touching his length.




Liam - "Are Harry and Louis coming?"




"Louis might be cumming into Harry."








Liam - "You seen them having sex?"








 "Yeah I did."







Liam - 'Well come on and we can ask you questions when they get done having fun."









I nodded and walked with Liam to Zayn and Niall.






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