My Brother

Hi. I'm Mackenzie Styles. Probably don't know me but you know my twin. Harry. He's keeping me a secret from the lads until they come home for a holiday. Mums excited to see him, but guess who isn't? Me. I changed since Harry went off to the Xfactor and he isn't going to like me but who the hell cares anyway. He's been gone now for three years and now he wants to come back. He's sold out arenas and next year he's going on a stadium tour. Mum said that Gemma really misses him. I miss Gemma. She moved out and now I'm alone with Robin and mum. I like it here by myself but I get ignored. Robin doesn't like how I changed. I want to be like him but you know I can't. Last time. Last time I seen him was three damn years ago and now he's coming back. He's a dick. He wouldn't text me, he wouldn't call me but now he's coming back do you understand that? No. Me neither.


2. McKenna Comes Over

(Mackenzie's POV)

McKenna is on her way over right now. I can't wait. She said that she has a surprise for me. I can't wait for her to get here. She lives about 15 minutes away. She's really coming after we just broke up? She's probably going to come with Jeremy. I lost my virginity to Jeremy when I was thirteen. Worst day ever. We had sex in the woods. The next day my friends found out and they told their mum's and they said I couldn't hangout with me anymore. It sucked. Lexieey and I used to be best friends but she was one of the people who told her mum. Her mum called me a slut. Obviously I'm not a slut if I only slept with Jeremy.

(Phone Call)

McKenna: Hey I'm here and I have the surprise.





Me: Okay come on in.







McKenna: Okay.





*McKenna Walks In*




"Hey." She is smiling like an idiot. I wonder what is up with her. She's hiding something and I know it. Duh Mackenzie she has a surprise for you and obviously she is going to keep it from you.





"Hey Mackenzie". McKenna yelled.




"What's the surprise?" Like she's doing to tell me.




McKenna -"I'm not telling you until tomorrow, it's going to be special."





"Let me guess Zayn, Liam and Niall are in your car and Louis and Harry are on their way?" Like I don't know she has my brother and the lads here already.




McKenna -"How did you know, like for real that's messed up."




"Lucky guess, I guess." Got you hoe (kidding)




McKenna -"Yeah okay well I guess I will tell them that Harry's sister messed up the whole thing."





"It wasn't my fault like damn it's just a hypothesis." I just used a big word, I'm so happy for myself.






McKenna -"What did you just say Mackenzie?"






"I said it wasn't my fault like damn it was just a hypothesis." Like for real it's my decision if I want to use big words or not like damn.





McKenna -"Since when did you use big words like that?"





"Since Harry left." Obviously he's the smart one here.





McKenna -"You know he loves you."





"No he doesn't McKenna, he would've called me or at least texted me when he was on a break." That manwhore didn't call me for three years.






McKenna -"Yeah true but why didn't you go with your mum to see him?"





"I didn't want him to see me like this." I look like a fucking punk rocker.




McKenna -"You know he is right?"




"Yeah but if he doesn't want to see me then he can leave." That bitch can leave if he doesn't like who I am now.






McKenna - "Oh yeah I forgot to tell you he has a surprise for you too.






"He does?" Like really? he's so special to me.







McKenna -"Yeah and it's a big one."







I wonder what it is. Damn Mackenzie you have to tell him about you and McKenna. I know brain it's hard you know.





(Harry's POV)

I'm scared to tell Mackenzie about Louis and I. I'm going to tell her about him and I dating. I hope she will accept me for me and not kick me out. We are 19 and we don't need to be separated anymore. I miss her and I miss my mum and Robin. Mum and Robin are going out for a while so Mackenzie and I get to hangout more.


I'm going to have the lads stay with me so I don't have to be with two girls. Even though I'm gay I get scared to be around girls. It's September and it's getting hotter than shit outside so I might hop in the pool. Fans don't know where I live I don't think. They find out where we are every single moment. It's hard to get privacy with Louis.


We are almost to my mum's high flat. It's lovely. Mackenzie still lives at home because she's not responisible to live on her own. I haven't talked to her for three years because I was scared she hated me for leaving her to go off to the X Factor. I'm glad that we got to the finals. When my mum came to see me I kind of hoped Mackenzie would've came but she didn't and I'm kind of mad about that. It's been a while since I seen my twin and I want to see her.




"Louis I'm scared to see my sister." I know I shouldn't but I am and I can't help the fact that I left her and now I am coming back and she probably doesn't want to see me."



Louis -"Harry don't be, I'm here if you need me babe."

"Thanks babe, thanks for being with me today." I really need Louis here with me right now and I would never leave him alone and not have me there with him.

Louis -"You're welcome Harry."

We are here and it's overwhelming. I kind of told mum that Mackenzie and Jeremy had sex but mum didn't believe me. He was my best friend but I guess she and him liked each other but she ended up not dating him anymore. Mum always talked about her and her boyfriend Garret. Mum told me he passed away and she was devastated.

"Louis we are here." He was sleeping and now we are here so I woke him up.

Louis -"Hmmp."

"Babe don't make me get Mr. Lips on you." He is getting Mr. Lips either way.

Louis -"I need Mr. Lips tonight."

"Okay but I want your Mr. Lips now."

Louis -"Harry not now we need to tell your sister first."


We got out of the car and we see Liam, Zayn and Niall waiting for us.

McKenna hugged me and said "Harry."

I hugged her and smiled.

McKenna - "Mackenzie is coming."

"Okay I missed her."

Niall - "Harry she changed from those pictures."

Liam - "Way different."

Zayn - "She is very unique with her appearance."


"I don't know what you guys are talking about she has brown hair and green eyes right?"


Zayn - "Hell no"

Niall - Never in a million years is that right"

Liam - "You should see her."

"Okay lads you need to calm down."

Liam - "She's hot."

"Liam don't start that shit with my sister."

Liam - "Watch me."

"Liam she's fragile and you know it."

Liam - "Yeah like you know anything about her."

"She's my sister leave her alone."

Mackenzie - "Harry?"

"Mackenzie is that you?"

Mackenzie - "Yeah Harry it's me."

"You look all grown up."

Mackenzie - "Well we haven't seen each other for three years now."

"I'm sorry I didn't text or call you."

Mackenzie - "It's fine but I have to tell you something."

"Yeah me too."

Mackenzie - "I'm bisexual."

"I'm gay."

Mackenzie - "Well at least you're happy."

"What's wrong Mack?"

Mackenzie - "McKenna dumped me last night."


"Mack you're fine I promise."

Liam - "You're hot as fuck."

Mackenzie - "Thanks I guess."

"Don't do it Payne, I'm watching you."

Liam - "Come at me Styles."

"Back away."

Mackenzie - "Harry calm down."

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