My Brother

Hi. I'm Mackenzie Styles. Probably don't know me but you know my twin. Harry. He's keeping me a secret from the lads until they come home for a holiday. Mums excited to see him, but guess who isn't? Me. I changed since Harry went off to the Xfactor and he isn't going to like me but who the hell cares anyway. He's been gone now for three years and now he wants to come back. He's sold out arenas and next year he's going on a stadium tour. Mum said that Gemma really misses him. I miss Gemma. She moved out and now I'm alone with Robin and mum. I like it here by myself but I get ignored. Robin doesn't like how I changed. I want to be like him but you know I can't. Last time. Last time I seen him was three damn years ago and now he's coming back. He's a dick. He wouldn't text me, he wouldn't call me but now he's coming back do you understand that? No. Me neither.


6. Interveiw

(Mackenzie's POV)

I put my blue shirt on with my white shorts. I usually just wear jeans and a t-shirt, but when I seen Eleanor I knew I had to dress nicer than that. I didn't know Liam and Zayn had girlfriends. I wonder why they didn't tell me? I wish Liam didn't but I don't want to ruin his relationship with Danielle. Zayn is dating Perrie and she's really pretty. I've heard about her because she's in Little Mix. My favorite song is Always Be Together. I think it relates to my best friend Ashley. She moved to America last year when her mum and dad divorced.

Eleanor - "Mackenzie can I come in?"










Eleanor walked in and sat on my bed.

Eleanor - "How are you doing your hair?"

"I'm going to curl it because I haven't done that in awhile."

Eleanor - "Do you need help?"

"Yeah I do."

Eleanor - "How do you want it to be curled?"

"Can you do it so its like Taylor Swift's old hair?"

Eleanor - "Yeah."


Niall flings the door open.

Niall - "Hurry up ladies we only have 20 minutes."

Eleanor - "Calm down Niall we will be ready soon."

Eleanor and I got done with my hair and now we are just waiting for Harry and Zayn to put their shoes on.

"Wow Niall you told us to hurry up but you didn't tell Harry or Zayn?"













I shook my head.

Eleanor - "Perrie and Dani are here."

Eleanor ran out the door and hugged Perrie and Danielle. They all walked in and walked over to me.

Perrie - "I didn't know Harry had another sister."

Danielle - "Me neither and I thought you were lying El."

Eleanor - "I told you guys that she was real."

Niall walked over to me and kissed me. I was surprised he did that. We separated our kiss.

Niall whispered in my ear "Are you going to tell Danielle?"

"No Niall I can't do that to him."

Niall - "He raped you, you have to tell her at some point."

"Yeah I know Niall but I can't right now maybe after the interview."

Niall - "No right now or we aren't going."

I pulled Danielle into the other room.

"Danielle, Liam raped me last night."

Danielle - "What!?"

"Liam raped me."

Danielle - "I have to go bye thanks for telling me Kenzie."

"Bye and you're welcome."

Danielle left the house and drove away. I didn't mean to hurt her but I had to tell her. I walked back to where everybody was and sat down on the sofa.

Niall - "Well did you tell her?"


Liam - "Thanks Mackenzie, Dani just broke up with me."




Harry - "Liam, Mackenzie shut up and lets get a move on."

We all walked out and Eleanor and Louis rode in Eleanor's car, Perrie and Zayn rode in Perrie's car and Harry, Liam, Niall and I rode in the van that was waiting for us.

Niall - "When we get here, Mackenzie and Liam don't even start anything here."

Liam - "Shut up Niall."

"Don't tell him to shut up bitch."

Harry - Mack what did I tell you about swearing?"

"To not to."

Harry - "That's right."

"I'm older than you and you treat me like I'm two years old."

Harry - "Wow a whole two minutes."

"So I'm still older than you."

Niall - "Please stop arguing."

We got to the interview place and there was a lot of fans. We all got out and we had Paul with us to help get through that.

Fan girl - "Eleanor and Louis aren't even dating."

"Leave them the hell alone."

Eleanor grabbed my arm and dragged me into the interview place.

Eleanor - "Good job denying it Mack."


We walked in and the lads were talking to this guy.

Alan - "What are you doing here you aren't allowed in here without permission from me or One Direction?"

Harry - "She's my sister."

Alan - "Oh my I didn't know."

Harry - "I didn't expect you to."

"When do we go live?"

Harry - "You're staying backstage with Perrie and Eleanor."

"Then why am I here Harry?"

Harry - "You're Niall's girlfriend and you have to stay backstage?"

"What I'm not your sister?"

Harry - "Yeah you're my big sister."

"You're taller than me now."

Harry - "Yeah I used to be smaller than you."

Niall - "Hey Harry we are starting here in a second."

I kissed Niall.

Niall - "Harry who taught your sister to kiss?"

Harry - "I think it was me."

"We didn't kiss each other we just talked about it."

Alan - "We are starting now."

The lads walked out on the stage and sat down on the couch. It went Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Louis. I wish my brother and Louis would just come out already.

Eleanor - "It's always boring sitting back here, do you want to meet some fans?"

"Are we allowed to?"

Perrie - "Yeah we just need Paul to come with us."

We walked outside with Paul and these girls were screaming our names. I walked over to this girl and she started crying.

"Why are you crying?"

The girl - "It's just that Harry saved my life and now I get to meet his sister."











She lifted her sweater and showed me her wrist.

"Hey don't do that anymore okay? Promise me that you won't because you are beautiful and I don't want you to die."

The girl - "Can you give this to Harry please?"








"Yeah I don't mind."






The girl - "Thanks."







"What's your name?"












"Well hello Rebekah."







Eleanor - "We are together why don't you understand that?"







"Excuse me Rebekah."




"What happened?"





Eleanor - "She's saying that Lou and I aren't together." She winked at me.








"Hello have you seen them kiss, I think that if management were to have this set up they wouldn't make her kiss him."






Perrie - "Mackenzie, are you and Niall really together?"






"Yeah we started dating last night."







Eleanor and Perrie grabbed my arms and dragged me back into the interview place. I guess people would get me if I told people that Niall and I are dating.

Perrie - "Keep your relationship on a down low."










Eleanor - "You'll get hate and we don't want you end up like us."







Perrie - "Eleanor gets the most hate though."






"That's so stupid."






Perrie - "People are so protective over these 5 lads."






"Nobody is going to get Niall to break up with me."






Eleanor - "He wouldn't do that to you babe."




Niall and the lads came out. Eleanor ran to Louis and he picked her up and carried her to the car. I looked at Harry and he was trying to smile.





A girl - "Louis, Harry is getting lonely over here."







Harry - "Louis babe you forgot me."






Louis - "Later babe."






A girl - "Oh my god they just said that to each other!"





I smiled and Niall took my hand and we walked away to the car.






Eleanor - "I'm sorry Harry."





Harry - "You're just doing your job."






Louis and Harry hugged and kissed. Louis got in the car with Eleanor. We all got in the cars and drove to my house.  







Liam - "I'm sorry for everything Mackenzie."










"Its fine Liam."








Liam - "What's wrong?"









"I need to go to the hospital."






Harry - "Call Perrie and tell her to drive to the hospital."







"I don't have her number."









Liam - "Call Zayn, Harry."

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