My Brother

Hi. I'm Mackenzie Styles. Probably don't know me but you know my twin. Harry. He's keeping me a secret from the lads until they come home for a holiday. Mums excited to see him, but guess who isn't? Me. I changed since Harry went off to the Xfactor and he isn't going to like me but who the hell cares anyway. He's been gone now for three years and now he wants to come back. He's sold out arenas and next year he's going on a stadium tour. Mum said that Gemma really misses him. I miss Gemma. She moved out and now I'm alone with Robin and mum. I like it here by myself but I get ignored. Robin doesn't like how I changed. I want to be like him but you know I can't. Last time. Last time I seen him was three damn years ago and now he's coming back. He's a dick. He wouldn't text me, he wouldn't call me but now he's coming back do you understand that? No. Me neither.


9. Fighting

(Niall's POV)





Ever since Kenz got hate last night we haven't found her. I'm really starting to worry about her now. It's only been a couple of days since we've been dating but I really like her and Liam and Zayn really put her through some tough shit. We have to go back on tour soon but I don't think Harry wants to. Mackenzie and him have been getting closer and he doesn't want to ruin that again. If I had a sister and I didn't see her for three damn years I would do anything to get to see her. Mackenzie is a couple of minutes older than Harry but I don't think it really matters. They are brother and sister and they will look after each other. I haven't seen Theo for a while and I miss him. He's a little stud. I really want to find out where Kenz is and I hope she doesn't do anything stupid. I wonder if they have found her.





"Have you guys found her yet?"







Liam - "We have Perrie, Danielle, Eleanor and the rest of Little Mix looking for her."





"Thanks Liam. I'm sorry about all the stuff I said to you, I was just mad."






Liam - "Yeah I really didn't mean to hurt her I was just trying to have a little bit of fun that day."





"I know but you didn't need to hand cuff her to the bed and rape her. That was my job."





Liam - "Really Niall?"





"I'm joking I would never do that to my princess."





Louis - "Do you guys know where Harry is?"





Zayn - "Up your ass."





"What the hell Zayn?"





Zayn - "What just because Lou and Harry are out doesn't mean I have to be nice anymore."





"This damn band is falling apart."






Louis - "Well I don't control my love. At least I'm not afraid to tell Harry I love him. You haven't told Perrie you loved her for two months now, what the hell Zayn?"





Zayn - "Shut the fuck up Lou."






Louis - "I'm done bye bitch."




Louis walked out of the door and slammed it behind him. All he did was asked where his partner was and he got yelled at. I ran to the door and opened it and Louis was on the banister with his hands on the eyes and I knew he was crying.





"Louis its okay."






Louis - "No its not Niall. My life is falling apart and it sucks."






"No its not and you'll always have me, your family, Harry, and Liam."






Louis - "Do you think Lottie is still mad at me?"






"Give her a call and see."





Louis - "Okay."






(Louis' POV)








(Phone call with Lottie)







Me : Lottie are you still mad at me ?




Lottie : Kind of, you didn't tell me Louis. I'm your sister and you didn't even tell me





Me : Lottie. I haven't even told mum yet



Lottie - Are you serious ?



Me : Yeah



Lottie : How is Harry ?



Me : He's fine, I haven't seen him this morning and I'm worried




Lottie : Have you called him ?



Me : Haven't thought of that




Lottie : Call him. Bye Louis can't wait to see you




Me : Bye Lottie *Hangs Up*







(Phone call with Harry)






Me : Babe where are you ?





Harry : I'm at the park





Me : Mackenzie is still missing





Harry : Yeah I know but she'll be back by noon




Me : Lets hope





Harry : She got hate from Sophia




Me : Liam and her weren't meant for each other anyway





Harry : You and Eleanor weren't meant to be together




Me : It was fake I swear





Harry : You kissed her Lou




Me : Management made us babe I promise I've never had any feelings towards Eleanor and what about you and Taylor what was that about ?





Harry : I had a little crush on her





Me : Okay you got me, I like Eleanor





Harry : So it wasn't all management's fault babe it was yours too




Me : Yeah





Harry : I'm coming home, see you soon




Me : Bye hurry babe *Hangs Up*





I walked back in and sat down on the sofa. The door flew open and Mackenzie came in and flopped on the floor. She's drunk.












Niall ran down the stairs but stopped at the last step and looked down.






Niall - "Mackenzie what the hell?"






Mackenzie - "One more time Jeremy."






Niall - "Who is Jeremy?"





Mackenzie - "He's my ex-boyfriend."





"Did you have sex with him?"





Mackenzie - "Yeah but shhh don't tell Niall."






Niall - "I thought we had it all."










Harry walked in and he looked down to see Mackenzie lying there.







Harry - "Is she okay?"





"She's drunk and she had sex with Jeremy."











Mackenzie - "I walked there and Jeremy took me home."





Niall put his shoes on and walked out of the house

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