My Brother

Hi. I'm Mackenzie Styles. Probably don't know me but you know my twin. Harry. He's keeping me a secret from the lads until they come home for a holiday. Mums excited to see him, but guess who isn't? Me. I changed since Harry went off to the Xfactor and he isn't going to like me but who the hell cares anyway. He's been gone now for three years and now he wants to come back. He's sold out arenas and next year he's going on a stadium tour. Mum said that Gemma really misses him. I miss Gemma. She moved out and now I'm alone with Robin and mum. I like it here by myself but I get ignored. Robin doesn't like how I changed. I want to be like him but you know I can't. Last time. Last time I seen him was three damn years ago and now he's coming back. He's a dick. He wouldn't text me, he wouldn't call me but now he's coming back do you understand that? No. Me neither.


8. Coming Out, Drama !

(Harry's POV)

Louis and I are done staying hidden. We want to come out, so we are going to as an announcement. I'm literally shitting my pants. I'm kind of scared and so is Louis. I hope Elounor shippers aren't really mad at us. Why should I care it's my life and I can do whatever I want with it. Louis isn't gay he's bisexual and I think that's what I am. I just don't know how we are going to come out because everything we put out on Twitter people think its Modest. I'm going to ask Louis when he wants to do this because I'm ready and I hope he is too.






"Louis are you ready to come out now?"








Louis - "Yeah babe."













@Harry_Styles : We are announcing the big surprise now. @Louis_Tomlinson and I are engaged and him and Eleanor were never together. #LarryIsOut





@EleanorJCalder : @ModestManagement Nice working with you but my job is over now.  #LarryIsOut





@Mackenzie_Styles : @Harry_Styles @Louis_Tomlinson Love you guys xx






@NiallOffical : #LarryIsOut





@Real_Liam_Payne : #LarryIsOut





@zaynmalik : #LarryIsOut





@LittleMixOffic : Congrats Louis and Harry xxjadexx #LarryIsOut





@LottieTomlinson : My brother isn't gay it's damn management !






@EleanorJCalder : @LottieTomlinson They are babe. #LarryIsOut




@LottieTomlinson : @Louis_Tomlinson I thought we told each other everything. You're the worst big brother ever !!






@Louis_Tomlinson : My own sister blocked me. Can somebody please tweet her and tell her that I love her a lot. #LarryIsOut





@Harry_Styles : Who wants a follow ? #LarryIsOut




@Louis_Tomlinson : Lotttttiieee





@Harry_Styles : @LottieTomlinson Hey can you please be a good sister and at least talk to Louis. Pleasee






@LottieTomlinson : @Louis_Tomlinson Can text me if he really wants to talk to me...












@LottieTomlinson : #LoveYouLouis






@DaniellePeazer : Congrats Louis and Harry. Always knew you could do it. Love you !! #LarryIsOut






@Real_Liam_Payne : Sophia and I aren't dating guys !! I'm single





@DaniellePeazer : #Payzer ♥





@Real_Liam_Payne : She doesn't like me like she used to !





@DaniellePeazer : He doesn't like me like he used to !




@Mackenzie_Styles : DATE DATE DATE !!






@Harry_Styles : @Mackenzie_Styles What the fuck are you talking about ?





Mackenzie_Styles : @Harry_Styles #Payzer




@Harry_Styles : @NiallOffical I think she misses you !



@NiallOffical : @Mackenzie_Styles I'm using the bathroom ! Come in if you want.



@Mackenzie_Styles : @NiallOffical I love you !!!




@NiallOffical : @Mackenzie_Styles I love you a lot more !




@LottieTomlinson : We are family.




@Mackenzie_Styles : I want my twwiiinnn




@Real_Liam_Payne : Dani doesn't like me !




@DaniellePeazer : Liam doesn't like me !



@EleanorJCalder : Date already !! @Real_Liam_Payne and @DaniellePeazer




@SophiaSmith : Liam is mine. Dani is such a slut. She's a stripper have you seen her dance ?






@Mackenzie_Styles : @SophiaSmith You better not be talking about @DaniellePeazer . I will beat the shit out of you bitch !!




@SophiaSmith : What are you a One Direction fan ? Honey, Harry doesn't like you ! Get that through your damn head !!




@Harry_Styles : @SophiaSmith Don't talk to my sister like that ever again !





@LittleMixOffic : @SophiaSmith Excuse you but you don't mess with Harry's family like that. Danielle is an excellent dancer and she isn't a slut. Dani has Liam's heart. Perrie ♥




@Real_Liam_Payne : me and Dani are back together ! thanks for giving me once again another chance. I wont screw this one up. I promise ♥♥




@Larry_Real : He did the double heart ♥♥♥





@Real_Liam_Payne : She's my world ♥♥♥





@DaniellePeazer : Thanks for the support ♥






@NiallOffical : :(





@Harry_Styles : What's wrong @NiallOffical ?




@Mackenzie_Styles : Hating me wont make Niall love you !




@Harry_Styles : Stop harassing my sister I think she's had enough. 




@NiallOffical : I thought you guys cared about my feelings ?




@Harry_Styles : Mackenzie left. Thanks guys, she doesn't need this.

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