Twilight ( A One DIrection FanFic )

Scarlett Monroe is 19 years old. She goes to a normal high school. She has normal friends. What happens when 5 different boys come to her school?? Would her school be different now that the boys have come?? Would she find out that they are not who they say they are?? FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN Twilight ( one direction FanFic)
This is a one direction not famous book.


1. Chapter 1:

Scarlett POV:

I was walking through the dark hallway in my school, my best friend Ashely Mendez comes up to me. " have you heard that 5 new students are coming in 3rd period" she said. " 3rd period is this period" I told her. " oh yeah come though we have to be infront" she said. " we are my locker is in front of the door" I said pointing. That's when the people started to gather up. We saw people coming through the door. " that must be the new students" Ashely said. I couldn't say anything because my ex pulled me onto my locker hard enough for me to let out a yell. " REMEBER me Ashton youre ex boyfriend. The one YOU dumped" he said. " I never dumped you. You dumped me" I spat at him. He pushed me against thelocker again but even harder. I let out another yell. How come people don't near any of my yells?? " meet me at lunch if you don't you won't like it babe. He smirked and walked off. I closed my locker and started to walk of to my class I don't know where Ashely went. I walked in the class and Ashely was there. What the hell? How did she get here?? Oh nevermind!! " sit next to me" Ashely said. I sat next to her and we talked until the bell rang. After a few minutes of the teacher talking about us opening a dead frog today, wich made me want to throw up, five students walked in. Those must be the new students. There cute. " ahh there you guys are" said mr.lopez our science teacher. " we'll class these our new five students, this is Harry styles, Liam Payne, zayn malik, Niall horan, and Louis tommilson" he said while pointing to each of them. "  zayn you can go sit down, hmmm,,, next to scarlet " he said. Wait wich one is zayn? Well I guess the one that is heading over here. " Harry you can sit next to Ashely" mr.lopez said. " umm wich one is Ashely?" Harry asked. Mr.lopez pointed. While Harry was going to sit down he winked at me. I smiled. Once 3rd period ended I went to my 4th period class. Surprise surprise I have Harry in all of my classes. I have art class next wich I like. I entered the class and sat down. Harry came late and mrs.lucas the art teacher said to sit next to me. He looked all pale. Really pale... He looked at me. I turned around thinking that harry Was very but very pale. I got out of my question when i notice harry going with niall, i wonder why he didint go with zayn or louis or Liam. There all pale. Ashely noticed a,so because she said " scarlett havent you noticed that the new kids are very pale" she said. " yeah I have " I said back. That is strange no one can't be THAT pale... I made me wonder.

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