My Poems

I write poems that I hope are really relateable but if they aren't mine, I will say the author's name.


3. New Me

I look in the mirror and see an ugly girl looking back at me. With a crooked nose and dull hair. And selfish eyes if you look there. She’s 200 pounds while her friends are 2. She looks in the mirror hoping to be happy but never achieving her dream. Her friends say she’s of much beauty. But her face doesn’t show it. And her body won’t take it. She stopped eating today, just to loose weight. People hate and hate and hate. And she finally understands. She used to smile all the time, not just to hide her lies. She was god’s girl, best friend to the world. But now she’s bruised, cut, and burned. She helps others but can’t help herself. The old her has fallen into a deep sleep. She hides the knife and all her feelings, but shares and gets the worst feedback. They lie. They say they care. So she cries, and they ask why she does. As if her life wasn’t bad enough. They’re the killers. Each and everyone one of them chipped in to kill her.

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