Too late (5sos fan fiction)

Bethany Turner just turned 18 and is getting ready to go to UCLA. The college of her dreams but what happens when an accidental meeting with four boys. What happens when she catches the eye of Ashton Irwin. Her past has kept her from doing her future can she finally be an actress without telling her secret.

The boys of 5sos meet Bethany turner and Ashton Irwin is afraid of telling her who they really are and lately that's the only reason why so many girls want to date them. Can the boys trust her and her best friend Liz Marie.

Read further to find out

Copyright by fivesosx


1. 01: Bethany

Chapter one: Bethany 







Looking at the scenery around me, the beautiful palm trees catch my attention as I drive. Everything about California amazes me so far and I know I will never get bored here. 

"Are we almost there Beth?" My best friend Liz Marie groans. I turn to her and see that she's half awake with her legs on the dashboard. 

Liz Marie and I have been friends since freshman year of high school. We both attended Repertory Company High School for Theatre Arts in New York, we both were triple threats in the performing business. The four years of high school we've featured in many broadway shows. I'm glad that we both got accepted to UCLA. 

"Hello? Are you even paying attention to me?" She ask and I realize I'm daydreaming. Yeah I do that a lot. 

"Yes Liz, we are a block away." I smile in her direction and look at the GPS and as I predicted we are now a few minutes away. We pass by so many stores that I'm not even sure if we are going in the right directions. 

"I'm so excited!" Liz Marie yells in my ear. I give her a deathly glare and raise my hand to my ear. I get ready to scream at her but that's when I notice the sign with the UCLA initials on it. 

"Oh god. We're here." I whisper gently an I see Liz Marie nod. I park in a vacant spot near the administration building. Liz jumps out the car even before I take my keys out. 

"I'm going to get our information just get the stuff ready." She runs inside the building. 

I love Liz but she can be a bit crazy when she focus's on certain things too much. I laugh to myself. I can't believe I'm here in my dream college with my best friend. 

I barely even had enough money to get here luckily I have a full scholarship for this school and my dorm. Liz was able to receive a half scholarship the other half financial aid pays for it. 

I glance at my phone going that I've received any text or calls from my family but realize its a lost cause. I've been hoping my mom or any of my sisters would call since I've been on the road for five days but not even an email came. My family and I left things at a rough spot and I don't think I'm ready to fix it.

I hear a knock on the door and I turn right to see Liz giving me a look that resembles pity. I roll my eyes I hate when people feel bad for me and she knows that. 

"The lady said the dorms are in Main Street." Liz explains as she gets in the car an explains the directions and I continue to drive down Main Street. The area consist of palm tress and mainly students laying on the grass. Classes do start next week which is probably why everyone is relaxing and me and Liz basically have the same classes. 

I park at a spot near the dorm building and get out of the car. "We're here!" I scream and a couple of people passing by stare. 

Liz laughs at my weirdness and starts taking her bags and stuff out of the car. Did I mention the cars hers, her parents got it for her at our graduation while I got money that I saved for here. Anyway I grabbed my three duffel bags and a cardboard box that was full of everything back home. I made sure to lock the car doors, I don't know if someone would steal from the car. 

"Did you get all your stuff?" Liz ask trying to keep all her bags an boxes in her hands. "Yes. You okay there?" I gesture to all her bags and see her struggling to keep them all on her shoulder. 

"Do you need help?" Me and Liz turn to see an unknown person who I might say is pretty darn cute. Liz nods and he grabs all her bags and leaves her with a tiny box that even a four year old can carry. 

"The names Bryan by the way." He smiles boyishly and I can't help but look at his hair that is amazingly soft like. Bryan has some brown eyes and even a little dimple on his cheek. Aww cute. 

"I'm Liz Marie and this is Bethany." She points at me and I give a small wave. I finally see that Bryan is wearing gym shorts and a white tank. He smiles at us showing his cheek dimple. 

We start to walk inside the building and I was amazed by how free I felt here. I wanna leave my past behind and I'm glad that I'm across the world from it. 

"So where are you guys from?" He ask as we go into the elevator and press 4. "New York." I say and drop my stuff on the floor. 

"That's amazing I'm from here." He smiles again. The door finally opens and the three of us head towards room 409B. 

"Thank you for helping us." Liz says when she opens the door. 

"No problem if you need anything I'm room 203A." He waves after he puts all her things on Liz's bed and I do the same, Bryan turns to leaves but leaves the door open. I turn to Liz and I already know what she's thinking with that huge smirk on her face. 

"That is one piece of fine ass." She murmurs and I laugh. She's right but he's not my type more of hers. Liz and I look around and see there's a pretty big window and two twin beds on different sides of the room and one closet. 

I smile and Liz and I jump on our tiny beds and laugh. "Welcome to the college life!" She yells into the air. 

Yeah welcome. 





Hoped you guys liked it and vote if you want and comment it'll mean the world to me. 

Love Selena :)

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