I Choose You

Livy Eden, a normal 19 year old girl. What happens when she moves to London with her friends?


2. Unpacking

~Livy's P.O.V

"Now THIS is what you call amazing!" Sophia jumped on the sofa. The walls were still white. It had little papers stuck to the wall saying 'Color yourself'. I explored the girls bedrooms and bathrooms. Yes, we had our own bathrooms. We had always seemed to fight because the bathroom at my mums house was so small. Sophia chose a nice mint color for her walls. Candice chose a pastel pink. She was always into the pastel colors. Their bathrooms had glossy white tiles, I think mine did too.

Now it was my bedroom. I opened the door. The sun shined bright in my eyes. I'm glad I had the back bedroom. I had the view of the Big Ben, London Eye and Westminster Abbey. Yes! My walls were pastel purple. I didn't like pastel, but that was the only color I really liked. Candice wanted us to kind of have the same color scheme. If I think about it, it doesn't really look that bad.

I was the only one with my new bed in my room. White leather frames. It looked so comfortable. I jumped on my bed and stared at the ceiling. Peace and quiet.

Until of course, Candice slams my door open and jumps all over my bed. "Get your dirty shoes off my new bed!" I screamed at Candice. "Oh shit sorry!" She runs out and closes the door. Fuck! Luckily their were no stains. I want to explore London but I have to sort out the furniture first.

I jumped off my bed and rolled my sleeves up. I got Sophia to help me bring my desk, chair, drawers, mirror, bookshelves, paintings and my bed sheets. All of my stuff was white, except for little things like pens, books etc. My bed sheet was white and had stripes, the same color of my walls. I really started to like the looks of my bedroom. I was always in to the 'deco' thing.

Once I finished, I checked that everything was in place. I then realised. The paintings! I ran into the lounge and grabbed 3 beachy type paintings and hooked them up. Per-fect! The feeling of my rug was so comfortable on my feet. I went to go check the other girls bedrooms. Sophia and Candice's bedrooms were nice, but they had so many things to put into their small rooms. Fucking lucky I got the big back room. I dumped all my bathroom products onto the bathroom counter. I can fix that up later anyways. 

Next up was the lounge. I looked at the clock already provided on the wall. 5.30pm? Fucking aye! Time went heaps quick. We can all go for dinner though, just a bit later. Then in the morning, STARBUCKS!

Most of the night, Sophia, Candice and I moved all of the furniture and the bits and bobs in the kitchen, Lounge Rooms and hallways. A lot of my job was hooking up the tv's and other electrical things. The girls were scared they would get shocked. Weird huh?

When we all finished, we all went to bed. I changed into my pajamas and hopped into my warm, fresh covers. Obviously, every night I check my phone. 5 new followers on Instagram. I checked to see who it was. Fuck me, holy gosh! All of one direction had followed me! I didn't know how to react. What the fuck! I kicked my covers with joy. Niall had spammed me with likes, even though I only had 8 photos. He commented on one of my selfies? That's awkward. He said "Beautiful xo". My fucking gosh!! ASDFGHJKL. I kicked my covers again. Wait till Sophia and Candice see in the morning. I replied with "Thanks @niallhoran xo". I checked my twitter too. They all followed me and liked every single thing I wrote.

Are they just doing this on purpose so I can cry a river of happiness?! I wrote ages ago "Niall. Is. So. Perfect!" and knowingly enough, he replied "No. You are <3". Imma just sit under my covers smiling all night! "No. You" I replied with, not knowing if I should have tagged his name. I couldn't stand anymore. I put my alarm on to 9am and went to bed.


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