I Choose You

Livy Eden, a normal 19 year old girl. What happens when she moves to London with her friends?


1. Moving To London

~Livy's P.O.V

I sat on my large suitcase aggressively to try and fit everything. Thankfully it was working! I pulled on the zip, right around the suitcase. "Livy, you forgot your bathroom products!", Candice dumped them on my bed.

Well then, I'm not going to be bothered unzipping my suitcase again.

I grabbed my handbag and threw them all in. That should do. I'm ready!

I quickly checked my hair and ran down stairs with my 2 large suitcases and my handbag. The girls were waiting for me, and my mum. I'm going to miss mum so much, but it was a promise between Sofia, Candice and I that we would all go to London together. Mum said she would visit, but I insisted I would come and visit her instead. I'm going to miss home, my dog Shelly. I nearly had tears in my eyes.

Mum came towards me. "I'm going to miss you darling," she somewhat was crying and smiling at the same time. A tear drizzled down my cheek. "I'm going to miss you too mum". I hugged her tightly. Sofia and Candice were saying their goodbyes to their parents too. They were more emotional then me at the moment. I let go of mum and looked at the time. Fuck, 1.30 already! Gotta go! "I love you mum," I said and kissed her on the cheek. She replied, again with tears and a smile. I picked my dog Shelly up and gave it what felt like one million kisses and hugs.

I'm going to miss Adelaide. Yes, I'm Australian. Australian, Scottish and French. I hope British people like Australian accents. Apparently they do, but I'm not sure. What if people don't like me there except for Sofia and Candice? I tried not to worry.

I realised that we had to go. "Sofia, Candice, lets go babes. We can't be late!". They said their final goodbyes and grabbed their luggage. We all walked outside to my mums car. I obviously had to drive. Sofia and Candice were still 18 and they haven't gotten their license yet. I think Sofia's mum Sandy was picking up my mums car, while my mum drives her car there for her to pick it up. Wow. I can't believe I thought that all out. I stopped thinking and put all of our luggage in the trunk of the car. I glanced at mum one last time, smiled and waved. I hopped in the car and turned it on. This is it. Sofia and Candice hopped in and wiped their tears. I thought positive. I drove to the airport.

*40 minutes later*

I parked my car at one of the storage units. A cute guy helped us with our luggage. Candice couldn't stop talking about how hot he was. We went past security and went to Hudson's Coffee for a snack. We all had a bacon and cheese muffin and a vanilla latte. Our gate was boarding. Candice was still talking about that hot guy while we were rushing to board on the plane.

We all got on. I sat in the middle of them because they always seemed to fight over something. We first flew to Singapore. Adelaide to London wasn't possible. We would probably crash somewhere in Europe. We got on another plane straight away. That took us right to London. We ate so much on the plane. We had lasagne, pasta, soup and cheesecake. I then fell asleep for the rest of the trip.

*9 hours later*

We arrived in London. I'm so excited to see my apartment. I think Candice took photos of me sleeping again. Oh, such best friends we are. Our luggage was being sent to our apartment, same as our furniture. It all should be there by now. I still had my handbag full of bathroom products though. We caught a taxi to our new apartment. The taxi was dope! He jammed to music and was really outgoing.

Candice was STILL yacking on about that hot guy. Geez. I saw 2 moving trucks in front of our apartment. I think that was for us. We took the elevator up to the top floor. 4. It wasn't really tall. But the apartments were apparently huge. Candice used the key she got from the girl on the ground floor and opened our apartment door.

Damn. It was huge. Everything smelt so fresh. Our furniture was scattered all over the place. We had so much work to do. Our paintings and valuble things were tucked in the corner. The windows were huge. Such a beautiful view. I could see the Big Ben, London Eye and Westminster Abbey.

This was a start to a new life.

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