In The End

(Before any of you ask. No this is NOT a twilight fanfic... OK!!!)


1. In The End

"In the end, as you fade into the night. Who will tell the story of your life?" Skyther whispered as she walked through the forest she so loved.

The forest leaves were vibrant oranges of many shades, some like flickering candlelight, others like ripe pumpkins in colour. There was also dark red all around her, some blood red like crimson and some almost a brown like a dark maroon. There was plenty of green,  army green, like the uniform of her father, lime green like the lime trees in her back yard and there was also jade like her favourite jewel.  The dim light filtering through the trees set off the colours perfectly, just as Skyther liked it. There was plenty of nature in the forest. Gray wolves, colourful birds, dull squirrels, and  red foxes. She could understand all. The forest was the type that made your spine shiver just as you walked past it. It was also very deep. It smelt extremely fresh, there should be a febreze scent of the forest.

After a while she heard a loud rustling sound. She spun around to find Fresha pouncing towards her.

Fresha pronounced Free-sha is a black wolf pup who lives in Linesia Forest. A wolf you say? Yes, Skyther speaks and can understand wolf. No one knows why or how but the amazing thing is she can translate and sound like a wolf. People at Skyther's school thinks she is not right in the head, but when they feel like it or Skyther calls Fresha they beg her to teach them how to speak and understand wolf, but Skyther just says, "Listen to them. If you listen close enough you will learn. If you dont, you wont learn."

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