Raising Hope

Hope is the captain of the cheer team, won prom queen and has the star quarterback as her boyfriend. Her life is practically perfect, she is the exact example of popular. Everything was going fine until her mom decided to practically drop out on life due to drugs. Hope is forced to move into the foster care system... but who decides to foster her?


1. Ones mistake

I stare at my mothers face as she looks to the ground in shame. I felt so betrayed that my stomach was litterally in knots. It was so hard, trying to hold myself together, i felt like i was going to break out into tears at any moment. My fists were balled up as i just kept my gaze on her, attempting to get her to meet me.

The officers around me held her in cuffs, talking amoungst one another as they wrote the report on my mothers behalf. I was curios what they were to be writing. Were they saying how a crazy lady was throwing glass at her own children, that she was so drunk that she couldnt function, or that she was so high that she wasn't just tasting the rainbow?

My brother, Kyle, was forced to call the cops on her as she was throwing glass at the both of us in her high, drunken state. I felt bad for him, who wants to know that their mother got so out of hand, that they were forced to call the cops on her? He looked down at me and i looked at him. I grabbed his arm and squeezed slightly, hoping to reassure him that everything would be fine. The slightest, clearly fake smile was given to me.

I looked around as people from all through the neiborhood were watching us, her. My mother had been such a successful woman, she owned one of the biggest law firms in Atlanta, had loads of money, but was stupid enough to throw all that away. No one expected her to go through this, she always came across as an excceptional woman.

I tried not to pay attention to the eyes of pity and disgrace on my brother and I, but it was hard. I wished they would just go home and mind their own buisness. I hate people like them, they know you dont want them there, yet they stay.

My mom finally looked up. Her eyes were completely bloodshot, and her face was so pale it looked white. She made a loud, very unladylike cough, that sounded like she was trying to cough up a cow. the officers looked at her like a gross pig, and i didnt blame them.

"Get her in the car," one out of the two officers said. Soon enough the other officer led her to the back door, opening it and  putting her in, shutting the door behind her. He looked at me.

"You gonna be alright for the night?" I nodded ever so slightly, having no intentional face expression. He whisteled to the other officer, motioning to the car, telling him to wrap it up and get her to the prision.

"you realize child services will be out here tomorrow, correct?" The officer said. i guess i looked at him funny because he didnt wait for a legitiment reply, "You dont think we can leave a minor with no adult supervision do you?" was he seriously talking to me as if i were stupid?

I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out. Questions were flowing all through my mind. Were they going to take me? Were me and my brother going to be separated? Were we going to be moved out of the area? I stopped myself from thinking about it anymore.

I looked at Kyle, he was just as in shock as i was. I could tell the same questions were going through his mind. I juwst shrugged and tightened my lips, holding the tears in.

I watched as they drove off, everyone still looking at us. I saw Jake in the crowd, my boyfriend. He walked up the driveway, the landed by my side. I looked into his deep blue eyes and refrained from crying. He took me into a hug, and i hugged back, finally letting the tears flow.

My brother walked toward the crowd, shooing everyone away, telling them to go home.

"you okay?" Jake asked me as we started walking towards the house with his arm around me.

I smiled, "Not really." He grabbed my hand and squezzed it. We stopped walking at my front door.

His slightly messy hair was glistening from the street lamps slight glow.

He leaned down to me and whispered, "you two are strong, i know you can get through it." He was inches in front of my face and i could feel his warm breath. My heart rate was speeding up, like it does everytime i'm near him. I stood there looking at him, batting my eyelashes. He came closer and his lips met mine. His lips were so soft, he comforted me in ways no one else could.

"I know," I whispered back as our lips broke touch.

"What's for dinner?" Kyle asked as he walked in between us, leading into the house. I let out a chuckle and followed Kyle into the kitchen.

"Whatever you fix me," I replied. I refrained from saying anything else about the issue, I knew there was nothing i could do.



Hey guys! i've been thinking of this story line for a while and finally decided to start writing it. I slightly proof read it, so give me some slack if things are spelt wrong, they dont have any auto correct :3

Tell me what you think! Should i continue?



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