Running to a Magical Land

Ever since they'd died, it had been my brother, Tom and I. To start with, everything was alright but as the months passed, everything went downhill. Tom acted as if something had possessed him and strange things kept happening to me. Magical things. Magical things I couldn't explain, I'd learnt to except that these things were happening but the powers were growing stronger.


8. Petrificus Totalus

Chapter 8 – Petrificus Totalus

            My hand went to my head and I shut my eyes sleepily. Taking my hand out of my pocket, I rubbed my temples.

            “What happened?” I groaned as I looked at the trio and Ginny.

“Nothing, Evie.” Replied Hermione giving a half-hearted, weak smile.

“Oh, okay.” I shut my eyes and kept them closed for a bit but when I re-opened them, everyone gasped.

“So it’s true, then.” Said Ron to the other three. “She’s possessed.” They looked to me in unison and away again.

“Not, strictly speaking, possessed. More, out of her sorts.” Hermione continued, completely ignoring the fact that I was right there and could here every word of what they were saying… about me.

“TELL ME! I HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW! IT IS, AFTER ALL, ME, EVIE RUBY RIDDLE, YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT!” I screamed aloud, this took a few of the Goblins by surprise. The Trio turned to look at me, their eyes watching my every move. Somehow, the key gave me comfort so I slipped my hand back into my pocket and wrapped my fingers around the cool metal. I closed my blue eyes and looked through my thoughts, re-opening them made the Trio’s conversation stir.

“Whatever’s in her pocket is the reason to her ‘possession’.” Harry said, his hand rubbing his scar.

“I agree. So, what’s the plan of action?” Ron asked.

“Easy.” Hermione said, getting up. She walked over to me. “Evie, will yo–“

“So now you realise that I exist?” I cross my arms and glare at her. “It took you long enough,” I push her out of my way. “All of you. Come to the conclusion that I can actually hear you?” I pause and Harry opens his mouth to protest but I silence him, with one word, “Good.” I walk back over to Hermione and I see her wand poking out of her pocket, my lips curl into a wry smile and I yank it from her possession. Hermione steps forward to take her wand back but I hold it up to her chin. She freezes. Petrified.

My brain mutters spells I haven’t learnt over and over in my but I manage to scream above them to myself, stop it, Evie. You know this isn’t right but someone; somewhere is forcing you to believe it is. Drop the wand from her chin and do the right thing.

“Okay.” I say aloud. I drop the wand from Hermione’s chin and make to give it back but before I can, my evil being screams, “PETRIFICUS TOTALUS,” and I fall to the floor because the wand was aimed at me. The last thing I see before I (black out from the blow) is a blurred vision of Hermione collapsing to her knees, in sync with my head crashing against the stone floor.

“What just happened?” Ginny asked as she helped Hermione back to her feet.

“Sh – She fought with herself,” Hermione stuttered, trying to make sense of the words she was spitting out. “She’s trying to find a way to break the possession but it’s hard because she is a direct descendent from the possessor himself. Lord Voldemort lives on for a new generation to fight. And that generation is her own, she’ll become a traitor if she decides to fight him or fight with him. A tough decision lies ahead, let us hope she has enough wit to choose the right path to follow.”

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