Running to a Magical Land

Ever since they'd died, it had been my brother, Tom and I. To start with, everything was alright but as the months passed, everything went downhill. Tom acted as if something had possessed him and strange things kept happening to me. Magical things. Magical things I couldn't explain, I'd learnt to except that these things were happening but the powers were growing stronger.


6. Meeting 'The Golden Trio'

Chapter 6 – Meeting ‘The Golden Trio’

We sat in the Potter Household for about an hour, after the incident with my chocolate frog, then decided we had better go to Diagon alley to get everything we needed.

“Evie, after we’ve been to Diagon Alley, you’ll be staying with us until your departure to Hogwarts.” Ginny said.

“Why don’t you go and get your suitcase?” Harry added.

“And make it quick!” Came a voice from the kitchen. Everyone’s head whipped around to see who the voice belonged to. The person stepped forward – he had the same red hair as Ginny and Lily. Harry’s owl squawked from its perch and another owl flew in from behind the stranger; it looked really old. It flew in the room and headed for Harry’s owl but it crashed into the wall and knocked itself out. “Honestly, Pig?”

“Pigwidgeon still going, Ron?” Ginny asked, getting up and going to the man, the man held out his hand but Ginny hugged him. “Where’s the rest of the family?” She asked, letting him go.

“They’re not here, ‘Mione had trouble getting Hugo up.” The man, whose name was Ron, said. “They’ll be arriving by Floo Powder any minute now.” He stepped into the light and smiled when he saw Hagrid struggling to bring the owl round again. “Hagrid,” Hagrid looked up at his name. “Nice to see you again.”

“Hullo, Ron.” Hagrid said, getting up. “Lon’ time no see. This kinda explains why you weren’t hangin’ ‘round on yer card.” Hagrid enclosed Ron in a hug and I swear Ron went purple in the face.

“What card?” he said once he had regained his breath.

“Yer chocolate frog card.” Hagrid started. “Evie go’ teh Golden Trio straigh’ away.” Hagrid said, pointing to me when he said my name.

“Hello.” I said, having gone bright red at the mention of my name. Ron looked at me and smiled. “I’m Evie.”

“Hello, Evie. I’m Ron Weasley.” He smiled again. “What does it say about me on the card, then?” He sat down on a chair next to Hagrid.

I fiddled around in my pockets, looking for the card that had a picture of Ron Weasley on it. “Here it is:

Charms Specialist
Medieval, dates unknown
Most famous wizard of all time. Sometimes known as the Prince of Enchanters. Part of the Court of King Arthur. (King Arthur once ruled the land that is now part of England.) Merlin wanted wizards to help Muggles, so he created the Order of Merlin. The Order made rules against using magic on Muggles.

“Wait, no that’s Merlin. Sorry, Ron!” I slipped the card back into my pocket, my face red as a tomato, I joined in with everyone laughing at my mistake. We were laughing so much that we only stopped when we heard someone stumble out of the fireplace.

“Ready, dad?” A small boy called.

“Ready, Hugo.” Ron replied, going over and hugging the boy, Hugo. “Where’s Hermione?”

“Coming.” Said another voice from the fireplace, it belonged to a girl. She dusted herself off and hugged Ron. “Hello, Uncle Harry. Hello, Aunty Ginny.” She waved and walked over to them after getting out of Ron’s hug.

“We ready to go, then?” A female voice called from the fireplace, in between coughs. “Do excuse me, I haven’t travelled by Floo Powder in quite a while.” She stepped into the light and my face plastered the biggest smile on my face… Hermione Gra- Weasley! She was my personal favourite out of the trio, I’d decided.

“Please can we go?” Rose said. “I can’t wait to meet Scorpius Malfoy…” Albus whispered something in James’ ear and they started giggling so Rose huffed and changed her sentence. “I mean… Let my wand choose me.”

“Well, whatever. I want to go, too.” James said. “I need my third year books. Plus I think my owl has run out of mice…” He looked into his lap guiltily.

“I just want to go for the experience!” I had blurted out before I’d had the brain power to stop the word slipping through my lips. I blushed again and just looked away when I felt everyone’s eyes on me.

“I’ll drive.” Hagrid offered. “I may nee’ one o’ yer spells to make teh side car a littl’ bigger, thoug’.”

“Hagrid, I don’t think that’d be wise.”  Hermione said. “We do, after all, have six children with us.”

“Righ’.” Said Hagrid, simply.

“How will we get there, then?” I asked, confused.

“We have a few choices. We could disapperate or travel by Floo Powder. Both make you feel a little nauseous the first time.” Harry said. Looking at his watch, it was 1:30pm on the 31st July, my birthday.

“Harry! I almost forgot, happy birthday!” Hermione said in a raised voice.

“It’s Harry’s birthday?” I questioned.

“Yes, it is.” Harry said.

“Mine, too.” I said. “Happy birthday, Harry.”

“And you, Evie, happy birthday.” We smiled and headed towards the fireplace – obviously silently agreeing to travel by Floo Powder, whatever that meant.

“You first, Harry. That way, you’ll be able get everyone together at the other end.”

“Right you are.” He stood in the fireplace and grabbed a handful of dust. “Remember to speak really clearly when you lot do it.” He said. “Diagon Alley.” A poof of green dust went up and next second, Harry was gone.

“You next, Albus. Then Lily, James, Hugo, Rose, Evie, Ron, Hermione… And we’ll just see how much we have left.”

“I’ll see ya there, I prefer to fly.” Hagrid said, breaking the silence. After a while, it was my turn. I grabbed a handful of dirt and muttered the words “Diagon Alley.” As loud as I could.Hagrid H green flames engulfed me but the heat I had expected didn’t burn my skin, it tickled. I closed my eyes and when I re-opened them, I wasn’t in the Potter Household.

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