Running to a Magical Land

Ever since they'd died, it had been my brother, Tom and I. To start with, everything was alright but as the months passed, everything went downhill. Tom acted as if something had possessed him and strange things kept happening to me. Magical things. Magical things I couldn't explain, I'd learnt to except that these things were happening but the powers were growing stronger.


7. Dilemma in Diagon Alley

Chapter 7 – Dilemma in Diagon Alley

            … I was in Diagon Alley.

            “Wow.” I found myself wondering aloud. “This place is amazing!”

            “Wait until you see Uncle Fred – I mean Uncle George’s joke shop.” Albus said, to start with he was excited but his tone had died down when he said ‘Uncle Fred’. I nodded eagerly and this seemed to put the smile back on Albus’ face.

            “Which shop first?” I asked excitedly, forgetting I had to get some money first. I wanted to visit every shop, especially the sweet shop; I had to have more chocolate frogs.

            “Well,” Hagrid started, having appeared from nowhere in particular. “We ‘ave to go to Gringotts firs’.”

            “What’s Gringotts?” I asked, on cue.

            “Wizarding bank,” Ginny butted in. “Run by Goblins, nasty.” She made a face and went back to Harry’s side, starting a head count.

            “Goblins?” I asked Hagrid, wanting to double check.

            “Yer, Goblens.” He shuddered and patted his huge coat down, looking for something or another. “’Ere it is. Yer key ter yer vault at Gringotts.” He handed me the small but heavy key and I slipped it carefully into my pocket. He pulled me closer to him, and in a whisper he said; “don’t be surprised whe’ you open yer vaul’, yer real father…” He coughed. “Tom Marvolo Riddle left you a small fortune.”

            “My real father?” I questioned, in a loud whisper.

            “Yer, the ministry moved you ter a different family.” He paused. “Fer yer own good. Don’t tell teh Trio, they ‘ave a bit o’ a bad ‘istory with that name.”

            “Oh.” I replied, simply. This was the first I’d heard of this, even though I did recognise that name. I discarded the thought, maybe that’s why Tom disliked me – because I wasn’t his kin.

            “Wait, I shouldn’t o’ said that.” His face wrinkled in his habit of forgetting when to stop talking.

            “Okay! We’re all here. First stop, Gringotts!” Harry called over our small group’s ecstatic chatter. We all followed Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione. Hagrid trailed behind, keeping everyone together. We were there within a few minutes. ‘There’ being the great white building before us, all eleven of us. ‘There’ being Gringotts, the wizarding bank that was run by Goblins. “Get your keys out, if you have them.” He said again, holding his apologetic look, central on me.

            “What?” I blurted out. “I have a key.” I think I might’ve over exaggerated the ‘a’ because a few of the Goblins looked at me with a scowl. Even Hagrid looked taken aback by my outburst. James, Rose, Albus, Hugo and Lily looked at me as though they had never met me before. My cheeks turned a crimson red and I backed away from my new found confidence – back home I would’ve been beaten for an extra hour if that had happened. “I – I’m sorry.” I managed to stutter. My cheeks burned even more when I felt the watchful eyes of row after row of Goblins trying to figure me out. Harry shook his head and lead us one by one to the front desk, he held me behind for a few seconds.

            “What happened, there?” He asked in a hushed voice.

            “I – I don’t know, Harry.” I replied, embarrassed. I felt as though I was about to cry, I know I wanted to because, believe it or not, I missed my home. I think he sensed my emotions because he was pulling me into a hug, I hugged him back and whilst we were hugging I remembered why I didn’t miss home. Tom. The very thought of his name made my blood boil. Rage ran through me so much that I wanted to, once I’d learnt some magic, go and beat him up – a taste of his own medicine. I could feel my lips curling into a mischievous smile, gripping the key in my pocket, the red gem on my ring glowing with warmth and Harry’s body falling away from mine with a wince and a thud as he hit the ground – unconscious. Heads turned as Harry Potter’s body hit the ground and accusing glares came my way. Ginny rushed to my side and knelt beside her husband’s limp body. I dropped to my knees and pleaded he wake up. Hagrid ushered the children away from the scene and followed a Goblin, probably to their vaults.

            “What happened?” She asked, her eyes shining with worry.

            “Well, Harry gave me a hug because I was feeling a little homesick and whilst he was hugging me I thought of all the things I could do to Tom once I’d learnt a little magic, like, give him a taste of his own medicine, I can also remember grabbing my key with my father’s initials on it and then I remembered that Tom wasn’t my real brother and that if he was, he’d have the same name as my real father – Tom Riddle…” I was babbling.

            “Tom Riddle?” Four shaky voices asked me at once. Harry had regained his consciousness.

            “Yeah,” I could sense their worry in the name. “Why?” I asked. Silence. “Why?” I demanded, standing up. My hand went into my pocket and my fingers curled around the small key to my vault. The red gem on my ring glowed and rage flooded through me and I had an urge to hurt someone like Tom had hurt me for many years beforehand.

            “It’s nothing.” Said Harry quickly after my outburst.

            ‘You’re right, Harry Potter. It’s not something, it’s someone! I’m back.’ A voice hissed and I collapsed. Just before my head hit the ground and knocked me out, I saw Harry’s hand flinch to cover his scar – this couldn’t be good.

            “Do you think it’s possible?” Ginny asked Harry in a hushed voice, so as to not be heard.

            “No, I don’t think. I know.” He turned to Ron and Hermione. “We can’t send our children to Hogwarts this year; it’s not safe with a direct offspring from a Riddle running around.”

            “Oh, Harry. You killed him, how could he come back?” Hermione started.

            “And we destroyed every Horcrux, there’s just no way.” Ron finished.

            “Guys, my scar is hurting again… this is no joke. You heard his voice!”

            “There were no voices, Harry.” Hermione butted in. “Only the muffled screams of Evie collapsing.” Hermione walked over to where Evie lay on the floor, kneeling down she brushed the golden hair aside and opened an eyelid. Gasping and shuffling away, Hermione managed to say; “It’s true, he is back.” She gulped. “Just like in our first year, Evie’s the person he’s living off of… just not in the same way. He’s controlling her in a way that even I haven’t read about. You don’t suppose she’s like you, Harry, do you?”

            Hermione, Ginny, Ron and Harry’s heads turned to look at the lifeless body that lay in front of them. Evie twitched and opened her stony grey eyes that were once a vibrant blue.

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