My Friend's BestFriend

Your name is Diana. You live in New York and love-- or loved Justin Bieber. But that all changed.. But..what if he makes you fall for him? And he falls for you.. Don't mind the age difference (6years!) but he didn't care about that? Huh well keep reading :) and Comment!! CX


13. Time to talk!

As me and Justin were eating, he would take glances at me while looking at the city or inside the restaurant. I guess I should start the talking!...

"So.." I said while setting my bacon down on my plate. 

All his attention turned towards me and he drink some orange juice.

"..yeah?" He said. I sighed and looked out into the city.

"Why me? There's many other beautiful girls out there.." I said looking deep into his light brown eyes.

I could tell he was thinking of what to say with out coming out wrong or stuttering.. 

"Your perfect. Your personality is perfect, your beautiful in every way and--" I cut him off.

"But how would you know?...You've only known me barely 3 days..." I asked and said in a reasonable tone. I hope I'm not being mean or anything.. I'm just asking a question! He barely knows me, he's a very very famous man, and he falls in love with a girl like me? Please. I'm not buying it.. I dont know what to think anymore honestly.

He sighed and looked out of the window from the 2 story iHop. 

"Because your different..." He responded. "..and Chaz told me a lot about you after the night I first talked to you." He finished.

Ohh alright..I guess I understand now?  I don't. But I'll try to. I don't like conversations where everything is basically dead. So I'm just gonna lighten the mood soon.

"Oh." Was all that could come out of my mouth. But I gained confidence to say at least a sentence.

"Sorry.. For all the questions I'm a pretty curious person.." I laughed. He chuckled, at least I know he's not in a bad mood! :D

I started eating my scrambled eggs. And he was putting syrup on his pancakes. After I swallowed my food I spoke.

"So tell me about your self :)" I said. I wanna know more about him! If he's in love with me I should try to love him too, truly. 

"Well what do you wanna know?" He asked with a slight smile stuffing a small piece of syrup soaked pancake.

"Everything!!" I told him anxious to know about him! I'm pretty impatient but I wasn't being impatient in this case, just happy and wanting to know some info.

"Haha.. Okay well, I'm 25.." He said waiting to see my reaction. But just for the sake of his feelings I just stayed regular still smiling and waiting for him to continue speaking.

"..and I'm from Canada.." I already knew this but I don't want to cut him off.. AGAIN!

"I love spaghetti (: .. I love hearing people speak in foreign languages, cotton candy ice cream is my favorite, oatmeal cookies are the best, I love meeting new people, I obviously love to my beliebers," I smiled when he said that because even though most of his fans are 18 now, they'll always stick by his side.

"Is there anything specific you'd want to know?" He asked fixing the collar of is jacket and looking at me.

"maybee.. But maybe we should talk about it in private just in case.. You know? :/" after I said that he nodded and we just finished our food.

He then paid. Which was my mistake for wanting to go to the bathroom and telling him I'd pay "my treat." But he already did and there's nothing I can do about it! 

"You didn't have to pay you know, it was fine." I said as he drove the car.

"It was no biggy, and I wanted to! Your just gonna have to deal with it." He said sticking his tongue out at me and smiling afterwards.

"Guess I'll have to!" I said and laughed. Then he smiled again. "I love your smile.." I told him after a few quiet minutes.

He looked at me smiling again and I blushed. He's so cute. Literally, I need to take a picture of his smile and frame it on my wall! Haha.

"I love yours too." When he said that I'm most definitely sure I turned as red as a tomato! So I hid my face with my hair looking the other way out the window.

He laughed and said, "awh you don't have to be shy!" I hate when people say that, it makes me more red and let's me know that they know that they got a positive reaction out of me. I mean if you told your crush they looked cute and they blushed, that's a positive reaction comin' out of them right there.

I just looked at him and then looked at the cities crowdedness. Then I started thinking. 

"Hey, how come your in New York?" I asked. 

"Fashion week, I'm singing for the Victorias Secret fashion show tomorrow." He responded.

"Oh my gawd really? I'm going there!" I said happily.

"really? Are you working there? Gonna be in the crowd? ..or model?" He asked. The last part he said was kinda funny because he said it in a weird sexy tone.

"uhhm no! I want to model for them though!.. But I'm just going to be in the crowd :)" I replied.

"oh right... I can get you backstage if you'd like?" He offered.

I got so happy, you don't even know! 

"For real!? They'd let me?" I asked with a little bit of excitement.

"Yeah! Definitely! Just as long as they know your with me, your in." Justin responded.

":) thank you so much!" I pecked his cheek. He turned red and I giggled. And he smirked... Mmhmm okay I'm not going any further with that now haha! Your probably wondering why I'm so excited for this.. If I get in back stage I can have a little taste of what goes on in a models job.

And it's best to know what happens before you try something out! [Since I'm going to try it out]

"Awh, you don't have to be shy!" I mocked him from earlier. 

"Ha. Ha. Mock me all you want, pfff I'm NOT shy.." He said. Yeah yeah. Sure he's not, that's not why he blushed a few seconds ago! :) -_-


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author's Note: Hey beautiful aliens :) I dont know, I just feel like calling you that, it came off the top of my head :P lol, I hope your enjoying this fanfiction as much as I am writing it! 

Will they go out soon? Or will someone pop into what "they have" and ruin everything?

Is Scooter wondering where Justin is? Are the cops in the hotel wondering where he is? Who knows? Only me! Haha. 

Please don't forget to favorite, like, and comment! Bye beauties! ☺️💕



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