My Friend's BestFriend

Your name is Diana. You live in New York and love-- or loved Justin Bieber. But that all changed.. But..what if he makes you fall for him? And he falls for you.. Don't mind the age difference (6years!) but he didn't care about that? Huh well keep reading :) and Comment!! CX


6. Texting with Hope

Justin's POV

Ryan: Then start off small.

Me: Yeah, please Chaz.

Chaz: Alright. Lemme go get my phone. 

Me: Ok

Me and Ryan watched Chaz go get his phone. 

Chaz: Okay got it, but what should I say to her?!

I had a worried look on my face because I didn't know what Chaz should say... And I was having second thoughts about this.

Ryan: tell her : Hey Diana, I saw you at that restaurant! And you looked as beautiful as always ;3

My head shot up when I heard what Ryan had said to say to her. Chaz doesn't even like her like that!, I don't think..

Ryan: What?

Ryan was questioning my reaction towards the end of his sentence to say to her.

Me: what? Nothing...

Ryan: huh okay.

Chaz: okay, send? 

Ryan: yeah! 

I just nodded my head not even thinking positive! 

Chaz: okay... Sent! 

Me: What do you think she's gonna say...?

Chaz: probably something like "hey", she doesn't let guys in that easy.. So.

Me: Oh I see.. I said while looking off into the distance of the great City lights of New York. 

Ryan: I don't know her, so don't look at me *raises his hands*

Me: Haha it's fine. 

Chaz: AYE Guys! She texted back! 

Ryan: Ooo what'd she say?

Chaz: One sec.

Chaz reads the message.

Me: So...? What did she say?

Chaz: Well, she said: Hey Chaz, I didn't see you there!!  I didn't even know you were in New York! ): But maybe we should hangout sometime? :3

Me: Huh.

Chaz: What?

Me: What if she likes you...

Chaz: Nooo, if anything, me and her are like --- used to be like best friends *laughs a bit* 

Me: Oh..

Chaz: what should I say now? 

Me: tell her this: Oh yeah, sure. Can I bring 2 friends along?

Chaz had a smug face and I just looked at him shrugging cause I don't think she'll like me... 

Chaz: okay.... Still typing.... Okay sent!

Me: *biting bottom lip*

Chaz: Don't worry Justin. 

Me: *I just nodded* 

Chaz: :/ ...I can't wait till the fashion show! Your performing 2 songs right?

Me: Yeah. It's acoustic then just dancing and singing around the models just like in 2012. Haha.

Ryan and Chaz laughed.

Chaz: Opp, she texted back.

Me: What she say??!

Chaz: Haha, she said : Oh, um sure. Where should we go?

Chaz: Um... Movies? Bowling? Any ideas guys?

Ryan: Movies! A scary one so Justin can cuddle her up *smirk*

Me: Haha, yeah a scary movie

Chaz: You sure? 

We nodded.

Chaz: Okay. *typing* sent. 

*2 min later*

*Buzz Buzz* 

Chaz: okay great. She said,  Oooo okay what time and the movie theater on Broadway Ave? 

Chaz: Guys what time? 2:30? *we nodded our heads* *typing* okay, I said: At 2:30 and yeah that one. 

Me: I have a feeling this could work.. *smile*

Ryan: It's 10:30, let's watch a movie!! Urghh! 

Me: What movie? Haha. 

Ryan: Hmm... Depends.

Me: On?

Ryan: Well, it depends on Diana. You would have to get used to what she likes, so let's watch a chick flick *laughing* 

Me: Um... No I'll just watch what she would like to watch and enjoy it cause she'd be my baby. Let's watch something funny.

Ryan: *rolls eyes* Fineee.

Chaz: haha, oh and guys she texted back. 

Me: *goes over to Chaz and reads text* Okay, see you there! cx Gn 

Chaz: *texts back: Haha, okay Gn*

All I had was hope for this to work.



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