My Friend's BestFriend

Your name is Diana. You live in New York and love-- or loved Justin Bieber. But that all changed.. But..what if he makes you fall for him? And he falls for you.. Don't mind the age difference (6years!) but he didn't care about that? Huh well keep reading :) and Comment!! CX


5. Start Off Small

Justin's POV

Justin: Bye Diana. ~I put my hands in my pockets and watched her go~

So I walk back to the table to see Ryan and Chaz looking at me. I looked at the both of them.

Justin: what?

Ryan: *smug face* we saw you..

Chaz: ~laughs~ with that girl.

Justin: ~blush~ and?

Ryan: oh nothing..

Justin: Mmm hmm okay. Whatever.

Chaz: *whispers to Ryan*

Ryan: Really? Are you sure?

Chaz: *nods*

Ryan: You know he probably won't like this...

Justin: Urgh!! Won't like what?!?

Chaz: *pretends nothing has happened*

Justin: Ryan, bro.. Tell me

Ryan: *looks at Chaz*

Chaz: *shrugs* 

Justin: well?? *looks at them like 'are you gonna tell me or what?' way*

Ryan: okay... Chaz here, and me of course, saw you and that girl... Right? 

Justin: Yeah

Ryan: and Chaz met her before and he said she's a nice girl and stuff..

Justin: *worried look* okay..?

Ryan: haha, calm down, it's nothing bad

Chaz: Okay I'll finish off... I could hook you up with her? If you'd like. 

Justin: do whatever it takes but don't tell her I sent you guys off to spy on her or some thing like that.. 

Chaz: yeah, okay

Scooter: Everyone ready to go? 

Scooter looks at everyone and sees their done eating.

Justin: yeah we're ready.

Scooter: okay. *calls lady over nicely to pay for the check*

Scooter then pays, we leave and go to the car, and back to the hotel


**In The Hotel Suite**


Justin: oh guys, come!!

Ryan and Chaz ran in my room and I was just nervous about Diana..

Ryan: Sup?

Justin: ..I'm nervous.. About Diana.. Can you tell me more about her? 

Chaz: oh.. I know you'll like her.. But I don't know if she'll like you.

Justin: Wait. What? Why?

Ryan had like a worried but sympathetic look on his face.

Chaz: Well I don't know. But I can tell you what she does like..

I nodded. 

Chaz: okay, well, you may wanna write this down haha.

Justin: *smile* haha                                                                                                                                Chaz: alright, she likes Bad guys.. But she also likes good guys, 2 reasons , Bad guys are I guess cute to her and just protective I guess? And she likes good guys cause their gentlemen and nice. 

Justin: oh..-- what am I?!

Ryan: Honestly..Good and bad, I'm sure she'll like you, don't worry.                                                       Justin: thanks                                                                                                                                            Chaz: there's more, she's into fashion, always has been, She's not obsessed with it though -- Justin: Wait what does that mean?                                                                                                                      Chaz: oh um, it only means she wants to be a fashion designer or something like that. I think she's probably in college right now, or she's just got out, I don't know. 








Justin: What?? So how old is she? 

Chaz: 19! Why

Justin: oh *lays back on the bed*

Chaz: what's wrong?

Justin: she's too young for me bro..

Chaz: yeah so? Only by 6 years.. She used to say "age is just a number" and it is. Your 25 and she's 19, at least it's legal.

Justin: it still doesn't seem right..

Chaz: She acts like an adult though.. She likes to have a little fun.. -- so your just gonna give up on her?  Just because of a slight age difference? Besides, she likes older guys, not so old but, a

guy in their 20s is what I mean. 

Justin: *biting my inside cheek* I don't know *looking at ceiling while laying on the bed*

Ryan: I wouldn't give up on her..

Justin: *sigh* I'm just worried she'll think I'm too old for her.. And I'm scared of what my fans might think..







Chaz: oh... Well your Fans, can't decide for you. You have to decide for your self.

Justin: Wow.. Your right...Thanks. You made me feel better... *sits up*

Chaz: no problem.... She used to be a fan of yours, that's another thing I know. She's likes your music though.

Justin: Used to? What happened?

Chaz: I don't know.

Justin: Huh.. Well... --

Chaz: At least she's not crazy for you right?

Justin: *Thinks* yeah..

Chaz: Hmm *sitting on a chair in front of Justin, with his hand on his chin* she's super polite... Ermm.. Oh she's nice and always smells good haha

Justin: Hmhm, is sheeee... Ever mean?

Chaz: only if you mess with her *still thinking* oh, she's always there, like a good friend you could always turn to *smiles*

Justin: Wow, she sounds... Perfect already!

Chaz: Huhu yeah, she's never annoying.. In fact, you would want her to talk more.

Justin: She's shy?

Chaz: A little, but it's a good thing in her case. 

Justin: why? ~I asked looking confused~

Chaz: Because then she isn't going crazy every where haha, and trust me, she can get wild.

Justin: *Side smile* ..I wonder if she'll even want to text me... *sad face*

Ryan: Justin, did you get her number?

Justin: No.. I gave her mine. 

Chaz: Luckily I have it.

Ryan: Text her and ask her what she's doing this week.

Chaz: I can't.

Ryan: Why?? 

Chaz: Cause I haven't texted her in over 5 months.. It'll be out of the blue of me to text her now. Ryan: Then start off small.


A/N: hey.. I know it's short but.. Um I don't know if I should keep going with this.. I don't know if anyone likes it or something? So I'm sorry if I stopped and you liked it, but tell me if I should go on. Thanks, bye love you guys <3

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