My Friend's BestFriend

Your name is Diana. You live in New York and love-- or loved Justin Bieber. But that all changed.. But..what if he makes you fall for him? And he falls for you.. Don't mind the age difference (6years!) but he didn't care about that? Huh well keep reading :) and Comment!! CX


7. Meeting at the Movies

Diana's POV 

**10:00AM (NEXT MORNING)**

So today I'm going to the movies with Chaz and 2 other friends of his. We're going to watch a scary movie. I took a 30 minute shower, put on a robe and drank some juice. So what I decided to wear was a white knee-high skirt along with a floral vintage crop top I also put a black sweater that says "I <3 NY" on the side for me to take later since movie theaters are always cold ugh. I put some Eos (chap) and over that I dabbed some lip gloss that matched well with my skin tone and I also applied mascara and a bit of blush. When I was ready I put on some white glossy flats and put on my heart locket necklace. I then took along my white Coach side bag (it's super cute) and grabbed my phone. Then I left and went to a bagel shop for breakfast and spent 45 mins outside on a table there eating a bagel with cream cheese and coffee. It was delicious! After all that it was now 12:50 since I took 2 hours at home and practically 1 hour eating here.

I texted Chaz.


Me: Hey Chazzy. 

Chaz: Haha Hey Ana Banana!

Me: :3 ... just so you know, I'm ready and I'm heading to some shops until it's 2:20 okay?

Chaz: Oh good, me and the guys are ready... So we can just go now. :)

Me: Okay, see you in a little bit! ;)

Chaz: Okay! :)

**End of Texting Convo**


Chaz's POV


Me: guys she's ready, and she's heading there now, let's go. 

Justin: Do I look good enough for her? *showing me how he looks* 


Justin was wearing jeans a t-shirt, along with a jacket and a pair of red supras.


Chaz: You look fine. Let's go.

Ryan&Justin: Okay.                                                                       


We all left a Justin's room {we weren't sharing it though}. Then Scooter asked us a question.


Scooter: where are you guys going?                                                               

Justin: oh, we're going to the movies.                                                

Scooter: You guys aren't going alone. Wait for Kenny. Otherwise you'll all get hurt.            

Justin: Noooo, we can go without getting attacked!! 

Scooter: I'm not taking chances, Justin!

Justin: But I promise you!!! We won't even be noticed!! Trust me please!! *putting his hands together*

Scooter: Okay. 

Justin: Ple-- Wait.. What?

Scooter: I said. "Okay". 

Justin: *happy face* thank you thank you thank you!!!---

Scooter: BUT! If you get caught up in any mess and need Kenny.. I'm not taking risks with you ever again, you hear me?

Justin: Yeah I understand. Okay Bye! 

Ryan&Chaz: Bye!!

Scooter: haha, kids.

Justin's POV

We leave through the door and go out quickly into a BMW so we won't look suspicious and obvious in a limo.

We then stop in traffic for about 5 mins in total and reach the movie theater. It's now 1:14.. Diana had to wait so long.. 


Me: I feel bad...

Chaz: why?

Me: Because Diana had to wait like 20 mins...

Chaz: Oh, it's okay, I texted her earlier saying we might be a few minutes late.. while you and Scooter were talking.

Me: really?! *happy face* 

Chaz: Yep.

Me: Thank you!! *gives Chaz a best-friend/bro hug* 

Chaz: No problem *smiles* I know you really like her! And I mean, she doesn't even know your coming yet.. So.

Justin: Oh yeah... 

We walked in the theater. All three of us, Ryan, Chaz and Me... And I saw her.. 


Chaz: HEY DIANA! Over here! 

Diana: *on phone, standing [her height is 5'6] looking beautiful.* *she looks up and runs over to Chaz* Oh My God Hey Chaz!!! *gives him a hug*

Chaz: *hugs her back* Hey Diana!! You look nice! 

Diana: *Says in a funny way* Why thank you, you don't look so bad yourself ;) 

Chaz: Haha thanks, here are my friends, *introduces Ryan and me* This is Ryan, Ryan this is Diana. 

Ryan: Hey babe. *kisses Diana's cheek* 

Diana: *smiles in a shy way* Hey.

Chaz: And this Justin, Justin this is Diana. 

Diana: Yeah I know, we met last night. *smiles* 

Justin: *I take Diana's hand and kiss it* Hey baby girl. *smiles*



A/N:  Hey PEOPLE!!  Is Diana going to act like she  never met Justin before? Or will she say hi? I mean she seems like she wants nothing to do with Justin! Huh maybe she likes him too? Too many questions to ask! ;)

Did you like this Fanfic? If yes comment in the comment box below the description and tell me watcha think! ;* <3 bye loves! Take care!

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