My Friend's BestFriend

Your name is Diana. You live in New York and love-- or loved Justin Bieber. But that all changed.. But..what if he makes you fall for him? And he falls for you.. Don't mind the age difference (6years!) but he didn't care about that? Huh well keep reading :) and Comment!! CX


11. Fell in love


"I'm sorry..." I said looking down and walking towards her.

"For what? Justin?" She said confused.

I'll admit if I were her in her position, I'd be pretty confused too!

"For this.." I leaned in and kissed her.


A/N: SOOO sorry that I haven't updated in a long time, I honestly thought no one liked it until a girl told me to update yesterday! So they made me feel good enough to continue on with the story! (: okay you may continue reading now..


Diana's POV

"For this.." He leaned in and kissed me! On the lips! Holy mother of-- God! I am not gonna lie! He kisses amazing! Just the thought of his pink plump lips on mine makes me feel happy... But this isn't right.. He's 25! I'm 19! ..I used to say age is just a number but honestly I'm gonna go against it. It's legal but.. It just feels weird.. I don't want to push him off that's mean.. :( I dont know what to do... I'll just let it happen and then talk about it I guess..

He finally pulled away but still had his hands on my cheeks, he looked deep into my chocolate brown eyes while I fell into his light brown ones. We were just inches apart. And I finally spoke.


"Justin.." I said in an uncomfortable tone.

His face suddenly fell in worry and sadness. 

"..I don't think it's right.." I said slowly, then looking down but forced to look up again since he pulled my chin up to meet his eyes.

Then his eyes became glossy. I don't know why he did that.. We're 6 years apart does he not know that? And to add into that he's barely known me a week! I'm basically a stranger to him.

"Tell me..," he said looking down now holding onto my hands. "Tell me what's going through your mind.." He finished sadly.

I took my left hand out of his right, and pulled his chin up.

"..Why.. why did you do that?.." I asked. I wasn't going to tell him he was crazy for a kissing a girl he just met or else I would make him feel pathetic! And I don't want to make anyone sad.

He just looked at my eyes and said nothing. He looked bored almost.. As if something bothered him and it made him depressed. I think I'll just leave it at that..

I just looked down and re-connected out hands together and hugged him. He needed one, he probably feels like he made a mistake. 


Justin's POV


I just ignored her question feeling dumb. I barely know her.. Urgh.. Im like some man slut or something, I took things too fast without even knowing her like that or even taking her out for dinner. I really screwed up my chances. 


She re-connected our hands and hugged me, her wet hair settled on my shirt and my shirt soaked in the water. Her hug comforted me but also confused me, argh she probably just hugged me out of sympathy for being the dumbest guy in the world.


And then she spoke.


"I like you too. I really do." She said seriously, that's all I needed, seriousness. Im not joking around here..


Yet again she confused me.


"I'm sorry.. I-i should go now.." I pulled away from the hug but she didn't wanna let go. 

"No. Don't go." She simply said with her eyes shut, still hugging me, her head on my chest.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because I need to understand," she pulled away from the hug and looked me in the eyes. "I need to know why yo--" I cut her off.

"Because the moment I saw you..fell in love with you." i said.

And that's when a tear slipped her eye.


Author's note: Ekk! Sorry for the short chapter! I just really wanted to make this a cliffhanger! :P lol. I hope everyone's enjoying my FanFiction! 

Do you think she'll throw him out of her house? Weird dumb question! Obviously she won't! Lol 

Will Diana soon fall in love with him too?

Will Justin kidnap. Or in this case, adult nap her? For some reason to runaway with her.

Will anyone like my story? Haha please don't forget to comment what you think, and favorite this story! Bye now! 💕

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