My Friend's BestFriend

Your name is Diana. You live in New York and love-- or loved Justin Bieber. But that all changed.. But..what if he makes you fall for him? And he falls for you.. Don't mind the age difference (6years!) but he didn't care about that? Huh well keep reading :) and Comment!! CX


8. Excuse?

Justin's POV 


Diana: Yeah I know, we met last night. *smiles*

Justin: *I take Diana's hand and kiss it* Hey baby girl. *smile*


She looked at her hand and then met my eyes 

Diana- Hey Justin... *smiles*

She blushed at the end of her sentence! That means something!! It has to mean something right?! 

Justin: You look beautiful *wink*

Diana: Thank you.


Justin: Calm down, I'll go get them but we can't look too familiar okay?

Ryan: ugh.. Oh right.

Chaz: Yep. I'll go get the snacks!

Justin: Alright.

Diana: Okay, I guess I'll just go get the seats before anyone gets the perfect ones! 






Justin: haha yeah, let me buy your ticket first.

Diana: oh, I already bought it.

Justin: AW why?

Diana: *giggles a bit* it's no biggy! Now let me go get those seats!

Justin: *smile* okay



Diana's POV



So I'm here at the movies with Chaz as his two friends Ryan and Justin. And I'm looking for seats. Perfect! Okay 1 row with 5 free spaces! I sat down in the seat all the way to the left. And put my thing on my lap (my I <3 NY sweat and my sidebag that is still around me.) I heard Chaz coming with Ryan. Then I heard Justin coming over with his ticket, he had givein Chaz and Ryan their tickets already.


Justin looked up at me and Ryan and Chaz were focusing were they were walking and also focusing on the advertisement that was on the big screen


Ryan sat down 2 seats away from me and I said,


Diana: *laughs* lets all sit together I don't bite!

Ryan: *looks at me* haha it's not that! I just like the middle :)

Diana: Oh.

Chaz: and I like the sides! *sits down opposite way from me*

Diana: Oh so you all hate me now? I see *i fake pouted*

Chaz: Haha. no! I just like the side seats *he said as he looked at justin* 


Justin sat next to me, holding a bag of popcorn. He sat a little closer to me and got comfortable.

then the scary movie started.

That's when Justin whispered something in my ear,

Justin: if you get scared you can just snuggle up next to me *smile*


Even though the lights got dimmed I still saw his smile.. His perfect.. Flawless.. Smile.. DIANA STOP IT! YOU KNOW HE DOESNT LOVE YOU! 

Diana: *giggles* got it.


Justins POV


Her giggles are so cute! I just wanna hold her in my arms forever and. Never let her go!!

A scary scene was coming and I looked from the corner of my eye that she was scared to death.

So I put my arm around her while holding the popcorn in my other hand. She then hid her face in my chest.


Justin: it's okay, I got you. *then I lightly massaged her hair*


But.. I didn't really have her.. For all I know I might never see her again.. Unless I stalk her.. Which would be pretty bad considering you could get arrested for something like that. But that's not what I'm worried about, it's her knowing. And if I don't have the guts to tell her I fell in love with her...already.. What am I gonna do! Her perfume and eyes put me in a trance, which is why I try to avoid contact with that..Like at the restaurant that's what kept me all "trancy" and quite, I couldn't say anything, and then I started thinkingwhat if she's just being friendly and doesn't like me at all! I don't know what I would do with myself. 



2 hours later the movie ended. And the credits were being shown.


Diana: Oh my god. *sits up* *puts sweater








Justin: What?

Diana: That was scary!!

Justin: Oh haha.

Diana: Well this was fun! But scary.., bye guys, bye Chaz, maybe we should do this again sometime :)

Chaz: Noo!! I mean, yeah! But noo don't go already!!

Diana: *laughs* Okay, where to now?

Chaz: The City! The real well known one! Pleasee!!

Diana: *smiles* *takes phone out to see the time* Sure :3

Justin: *i get up and walk to the lobby with Chaz Ryan and Diana.

Chaz: let me go get more M&Ms though!

Ryan: I want fries. *goes to the cashier with Chaz*


I turn around to see Diana on a chair looking at her phone*


Justin: Hey *i sit down just 6 inches beside her*

Diana: *looks up at me and locks her phone* Hey *smiles* isn't it ironic how were both friends with Chaz and  we met last light and  here we are!

Justin: *soft laugh* yeah :)

Diana: Oh and I sent a message to the number you gave me but then it said "this number does not exist"... I mean it's okay, I've been played before but if that's what your gonna do please just get--

Justin: what?! No no no no noo, I thought I put it in right!  IM SO STUPID! Now you probably hate me.. It's not like that.. I was actually waiting for you to text me but--






Diana: I don't hate you...*looks at my sorry face* look, it's fine.


Chaz: *eating M&Ms*


Diana got up and walked to Chaz.


Diana: I'm sorry Chaz.. I'm actually tired and I have to intern for a fashion magazine in 2 hours I completely forgot.. 

Chaz: Aww!! Whyyyy!! *he says as he stops eating his candy*

Diana: It's the start of my career.. You know that. *looking tired* I'll just text you when I get the chance okay?

Chaz: :( okay..

Diana: :( bye Chazzy..bye guys *hugs Chaz a goodbye and waves bye to Ryan and me*


Huh Chazzy? Is that a nickname or is she trying to get me jealous? Wow okay. Now Diana left. Was it my fault she left? Was that her excuse? Or did she really have to go..




A/N: Hey guys! Thank you so much for reading & liking/favoriting! Should I make this story dirty or sweet? TOO BAD! YOUR GETTING BOTH! Haha. What do you expect in the story? Do you enjoy it? Will Diana come back to Justin all happy like? Or does she really think he's a player? He's changed ! He's 25 now (in the fanfic) and he isn't so bad now! Which character is your favorite so far? Justin eh? Haha of course. Please leave me comments of what I should add into this! HAVE A GREAT DAY. TAKE CARE! <3 love you all! 

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