My Friend's BestFriend

Your name is Diana. You live in New York and love-- or loved Justin Bieber. But that all changed.. But..what if he makes you fall for him? And he falls for you.. Don't mind the age difference (6years!) but he didn't care about that? Huh well keep reading :) and Comment!! CX


4. Eating and meeting

Diana's POV

Since I'm gonna go treat my self with dinner in this new high fashionable city....I might as well look good even if I'm going alone. But before I do that I look out my window noticing a commotion and see a limo... Hmm... I wonder who's in the city that's so special.. To even have a bunch of paparazzi's taking pictures. 

I stop looking through the window and pick out a nice outfit. I picked a knee-high dress, the dress is white and floral, I got out my plain white 2 inch high heels, I also grabbed my
white clutch to match with my outfit. I thought maybe I should impress the city since I know 'fashion' and I want to be a fashion designer so I should put my style out there. After I laid that out I went to the bathroom with my makeup bag and dumped everything out, so then I applied a medium amount of mascara and I applied some light red lip stick and put some gloss afterwards. Then I put some blush on and curled my hair at the ends and then let my long black hair down to my waist. After fixing my appearance up because I need to set a good example for fashion as I already said, I carefully put my white floral knee-high dress on to not ruin my hair or makeup and then I grabbed my phone, got some money, lip gloss, and a mini mirror. I put all that into my clutch and put on my heels. I then looked in the mirror and brushed my teeth and reapplied my lip stick, then thought I was good to go. I placed my bags into my bedroom and looked for another bag because I forgot perfume! I need to smell good too! So I grabbed my Wonderstuck perfume and sprayed 2 times. I thought that was enough. When I was finally done, I went to the door looked back and I didn't need anything else. I went ahead and left, locked the door of course then went to the lobby. 

Mark: Ohh where are you going looking all good? ~he smiled~

I laughed at the way he said that.

Diana: Thanks, I'm just going to a restaurant, that's all. 

Mark: Alone? 
~I could tell by the looks of it, he wanted to come. But he was working and I mean I just met him..~

Diana: Yeah, I'm trying to settle into this city a bit and know the routes.
~I smiled. He then replied.~

Mark: oh, okay be safe! 

Diana: ~walking towards the door but still looking at Mark~ Okay. I need to go quick before it gets too late though! Bye.
~I smiled and left with that.~

Mark: Bye. ~he said in a nice tone~

It was nice to come to a new place and already have a nice friend.

Justin's POV
(30 mins before I got ready to go out)

Okay so I'll be performing at a Fashion Show for Fashion Week. Seeing all those models on the run way again is gonna make me go crazy! I've missed NY. So I said yes to performing at the Victorias Secret Fashion show.

Justin: ~in the limo~ Scooter, how are we gonna make it to the hotel with all these paps?! Their so god damn annoying!!

Scooter looked at me as if I was crazy. 

Scooter: Kenny is going to guard you. Why are you so angry? Don't take the grudge on me, Justin. Not on any of us.

I rolled my eyes, sighed and sat back.

Justin: I'm sorry.. It's because ever since the break up.. with Selena.. 

Scooter: Justin you can't get angry when something doesn't go your way because of her, it was my fault to make you two date for publicity in the first place. You'll find someone better okay? Trust me. I understand what your going though.

Justin: Urgh.. Ya sure.. ~I just rolled my eyes and then closed my eyes~

Everyone was talking before but now there's just an awkward silence..

Ryan: ~looks at Justin~ 
Ryan had a worried look on his face. He always there for me but sometimes I just want him to stop worrying about me when I'm what people say 'acting up'. But I don't act up!! It's just... Ugh..I miss her..

Then Ryan mouthed the words "it's alright bro"

Then I looked at him and nodded and looked down at my hands. 

Suddenly the limo stopped and we arrived to our destination.

Scooter: Is it safe enough, Kenny?

Kenny looked around for a few seconds to see if it was safe to get out of the limo and go in the hotel.

Kenny: Yeah. Ok JB, let's go. 

Kenny then opened the door and guarded me. Scooter, Dan, Allison, Ryan & and Chaz all came out after Kenny and me.

I quickly put on my shades to avoid the annoying flashes and we walked towards the 5 Star Hotel. The paps weren't allowed in the building so they stayed out, thankfully. I then took off my shades and we all headed to the front desk. Scooter did all the talking. When we got the key, we headed to the elevator. It took 18 seconds to go up to where the presidential suite was. I hesitated to get out, and Ryan chuckled at the way I wanted to get out so badly. We opened the door to the suite and we settled in, since it's a 'week' of Fashion 'week'. I wouldn't be in every show though. 

I took my bags over to my room and took off my jacket and pants. I switched into sweats and a t-shirt.

Scooter: Justin! ~he yelled my name ordering me to go to him~

Justin: YESSS?? -I looked at him-

Scooter: Get dressed! We're going out to eat dinner! 

I sighed. I went to my room and put on a tux and pants, with black shoes. I checked my face in the mirror and left my room. Everyone was ready.

Scooter: You ready kiddo?

Justin: ~I sighed at the fact that he still calls me that.~ yes, I'm ready.

Scooter: Good. 

We left and Kenny guarded us to the limo. We went in the area the restaurant was. We got out of the car and and walked into the fancy restaurant. Which Scooter had already reserved. We got seated to a large table for all 7 of us. The table seated for 8 though.

Diana's POV

I left the building and started walking to the restaurant since it wasn't far at all. Plus I need some exercise, even in heels! 5 mins later I got there. I went inside and looked around, not like a tourist though, haha. I then heard someone say "ehm... Miss?"
I turned around and saw a man that worked there. He said "do you have a reservation?" I nodded my head no and then said "no"   He said "that's okay." He had an assistant and she walked me over to a table for two. It's like she already knew I came alone. She then said "Here is the menu for today" -she passed me a menu- and it really was for today! I didn't know they had different things everyday.. But that seems interesting. I looked through quickly because she was standing there and I didn't want her to get tired.. Or something. So i politely said "can I have the 'original Meal' ? " she nodded her head "of course, it'll take 8 mins, probably, or less" when she said that I said "okay thanks" I said that with a smile and I handed her the menu and smiled. The Original Meal is like the meal that got the actual restaurant to the top, the first meal the restaurant ever made decades ago. It was 60 dollars but it seemed worth it considering it's a fancy restaurant and the entree was big and good.

Justin's POV

When we all ordered 4 people came out of the kitchen doors and went over to us. Each had 2 plates, except for one. We prayed for the food and then they all began to talk. As we were eating I saw a girl.. She was pretty, she had long black hair, she was wearing a cute dress but.. She was alone.
We were all almost done with our food and so was the pretty girl. 
I tried to eat slower so I could talk to her.. And get to know her a little.. Or a lot.. Scooter did say I'll find someone better.. Maybe he's right? I then saw a guy walk up to her table. I was still munching on my food but I was looking straight at her. Luckily she hasn't noticed me. Then the guy was talking to her but she looked annoyed. He then shrugged and left. I saw her roll her eyes while eating her food. Then I saw that she picked up her phone from the side of her table. I was literally watching her every move. Then I saw that she was done with her food and I had 1/4 of food on my plate. I ate quickly like a pig while Chaz and Ryan were laughing and talking. Kenny and scooter were also talking and so was Allison and Dan... Seems like everyone had a partner to talk to but me.. 

Then I finally finished and said thanks to Scooter for the food and he said "No problem kid" and he went back to talking to Kenny. I said I would go to the bathroom but really I just wanted to go to the girl sitting by herself. But then I really did have to go use the bathroom.. Maybe I was nervous? No! Justin your never nervous snap out of all these thoughts! She was 8 bites of food away from being done.. I had time.
I went to the bathroom and after I used it I looked in the mirror and checked my teeth. I had a piece of salad on my front tooth. Wooh! That would have been embarrassing. When I fixed my hair I got out of the bathroom and saw the girl was done. She was waiting for the lady with the check. Nows my chance.

I walk up to her table and she looks up at me.
Justin: hi... I-I'm Justin.. 

She smiled and stood up putting her phone in her clutch. She stuck out her hand and I shook it.

The girl: I'm Diana.. Nice to meet you [ Diana's thoughts: wow he has sweaty palms..Haha]

Her voice? Perfect. Her smile? Perfect. Her? I think she's the most amazing creature I've seen in my life.

I stood there not knowing what to say but I just blushed... And I saw that she noticed..then I got embarrassed not even moving from my spot, but just, looking at her.

Justin: nice to meet you too.. 

Luckily, the waitress came by and gave her the check. I was gonna give her the money but she said no and I wanted to I really did.. But She put the money in quickly and passed it back to the lady, and Diana said "thank you" and the women smiled and said "have a nice day" and Diana said "you too".

Wow she's nice, polite, gorgeous... Do I have to go on? Haha

Diana: oh, well yeah, it was nice meeting you, I'm a fan of your music by the way.. ~she blushed~ okay I gotta get going before it gets too late. 

Justin: ~I just stood there looking at her like a moron..but then I said something~  do you want to hang out some time? ~I said in a I-hope-you-say-yes way.~ 

Diana: uhm.. Sure? Why not ~she smiled~ 
Justin: ~I took her phone out of her Hands and added my number into the contacts~ Here -I said shyly~

Diana smiled and then hugged me a goodbye. 
Diana: bye ;3

Justin: bye Diana. ~I put my hands in my pockets and watched her go~



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