The Slave Trade *ON HOLD!*

Asya has been a slave since she was 6 years old and has been working for the past 12 years of her life. She is now 18 and still working as hard as she can on the ships. The slave day is also coming up soon so she is trying to look her best so people can buy her. She gets brought but to 5 masters. What will they be like? Will they treat her differently?

Read to find out in The Slave Trade


22. Hotel

Asya POV

*Skip ride to hotel in america*

When I got into my room, I couldnt believe it. It had cream walls with a king sized bed in the middle of the room. It was big enough to fit 2 people in it! I set my stuff down on the floor and on the bed. I had a look around the room to discover it had a walk-in wardrobe, and my own bathroom fitted with a shower/bath, a toilet,sink and bath towel rails etc. It all looked amazing. It also had a balcony that had a great view of the central park.

I suddenly heard a knock on the door."Come in!" It was the boys. "Hi Asya. How is your own room?" I nodded and smiled excitedly. "Its amazing, thank you!" I went over and gave them all a hug, but they didnt hug me back. I pulled away, thinking I'd just made myself look like a fool. Zayn pulled out some plyers from behind his back. Louis smiled.

"Get onto the bed and ly down." I nodded. "o-o-ok." My heart pounded a million times a minute. Whats wrong with them? They've been fine all day, and now..... Liam pulled up my trouser leg, and rolled down my sock to reveal the tracking device that I've had on my leg for nearly 2 years now.

Harry put something in my mouth. "Bite down on this when neccissary." I nodded. Zayn pulled out a pair of plyers and inched them towards my leg, where the tracking device sat there, beeping, and tracking where I am. Harry rubbed my head in circles and kept making sure I was calm. "SSsssh. Its ok." Those repeating words made me fall asleep but I wasnt going to go to sleep. Zayn pulled out the cable from my leg. I screemed in pain as he pulled the last bit out.

Zayn unclipped the actual tracking device thats been around my leg for nearly 2 years. He handed liam the device, who just shrugged and kept his eye on zayn, who then moved out of the way so Louis could place the pure white bandage around my ankle. Just at Louis' touch, it sent shivers up and down my spine. "It should heel within a couple of days." Harry placed a kiss on my forehead and left with the others. I was just left, tired and worn out. All I wanted to do now is sleep but the only thing that was on my mind was that device. The tracking device has been removed and Im free?! THE TRACKING DEEVICE HAS GONE FROM MY LEG AND IM FREE!














I cant believe Im finally free.

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