The Slave Trade *ON HOLD!*

Asya has been a slave since she was 6 years old and has been working for the past 12 years of her life. She is now 18 and still working as hard as she can on the ships. The slave day is also coming up soon so she is trying to look her best so people can buy her. She gets brought but to 5 masters. What will they be like? Will they treat her differently?

Read to find out in The Slave Trade


12. Going on tour

Asya POV

Wow, I cant believe Harry has JUST KISSED ME! But...........But hes my master and if Simon finds out.........Im dead. I let go of Harry and ran outside. I dont know why, I just did. "Asya, wait!" I heard harry call after me. "Asya!" He called again. I sat down on a bench and just thought about it. But what if Simon did find out? Would he send me back to my original owner? Oh, I hope not. I think I actually like Harry and I dont want to be apart from him. "Hey...." Harry said sitting down next to me. "Why'd you run out like that asya?" I didnt reply. Tears just fell out of my eyes.

 I gave up and buried my head in Harrys chest. "Sssh, its ok....." He held me tight and I liked it. I felt safe around him and the others. "I didnt mean to Harry. I didnt want to run out like that....." I sat up and wiped my eyes to see the others standing there looking at me apologetically. "What if Simon found out about 'this' and 'us'? I dont want him to send me a.............away!" The tears kept falling. Niall,Liam,Louis, and Zayn came forward and we had a 'group hug'. I cant let go of them now. They're too nice.

I forced a smiled onto my face and I dried my tears and we wandered back to the house. "Why dont you go and take a nice bath and just relax?" I nodded to Liam question and wandered up the stairs to my bathroom. I ran the water and pured in some of my favourite bubble bath that they brought me. It smells of strawberries. When it was ready, I stopped the taps from running and took of my clothes and slid into the warm water.

After half an hour of being in the bath, I climbed out, and emptied the water away and wrapped my big pink towel around me and went into my bedroom. I put on my underwear and then went for a pair of green skinnys with a pink checkered top. I brushed my silky wet brown hair and put it up into a loose bun to air dry.

I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard the boys talking. I put my back up against the wall and listened carefully. "I know, but how are we going to tell asya? We need let her calm down before tell her..." Tell me what? "We're going on tour in less than 3 weeks! We need to tell her!" TOUR?! One of them sighed and then I heard a chair scrape against the floor. I moved away from the wall and walked towards the livingroom door just as if Ive just come down from my bath. "Oh hi Asya!" Said Harry getting up to hug me. "Listen, we need to tell you something but we dont know how to...." said Niall looking at Liam. "What is it? You can tell me anything...." I said looking at all of them.

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