The Slave Trade *ON HOLD!*

Asya has been a slave since she was 6 years old and has been working for the past 12 years of her life. She is now 18 and still working as hard as she can on the ships. The slave day is also coming up soon so she is trying to look her best so people can buy her. She gets brought but to 5 masters. What will they be like? Will they treat her differently?

Read to find out in The Slave Trade


6. Choirs

Asya POV


"Maybe its the way she walked, (OW!)

straight into my heart and stole it.


Through the doors and past the

guards (OW!)

Just like she already owned it....."

What kind of alarm is that?! My eyes fluttered open and I rolled over and hit my alarm clock, hoping it would shut up. Instead, it fell onto the floor and it did stop singing. I quickly got up and got dressed. I put some black skinnys and a dark red top. I put on some comfy shoes and brushed my hair and threw it up into a ponytail. I headed downstairs and looked at todays breakfast rota.


Niall: 5 pancakes with lots and lots of maple syrup

Liam: A high in fibre cereal with semi - skinned milk

Harry: Egg and Bacon Sandwich

Zayn: No breakfast

Louis: Full english - 2 eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns.

Right, I got out 3 different cooking bowls and set to work cooking their breakfasts. First, I started off with Nialls. 5 pancakes, seriously?! Once I was done doing his breakfast, I put then in a warm oven so they could stay fresh. I then did Louis, and Harrys breakfasts.


Ok, its 8:58am. I have 2 minutes to get them all up. I keep all their breakfasts warm apart from liams. I wander up the stairs and open all their doors. One by one, I wake them all up. "Harry, time to get up....Breakfast is ready!" "Liam, time to get up....Breakfast is ready!" "Zayn, time to get up...." "Louis, time to get up....Breakfast is ready!" "Niall, time to get up....Breakfast is ready!" I left their doors open and then wandered downstairs again and put all their breakfasts on the table ready for them when they come down.

9:10AM, and they arent down yet. I take another wander up the stairs and see all their doors are closed. I knock on each one. "Time to get up, Breakfast is ready!" I call. 4 doors open apart from one. Zayns. "Breakfast is ready and waiting. Go and eat it before it goes cold." They all rush downstairs while I walk slowly up to zayns door and knock on it.

*knock knock*

I open the door and step inside. Zayns still asleep. "Zayn, time to get up. C'mon....." He rolls over and stays asleep. Huh, dont make me Zayn.... I shake him alittle and he just groans. "Urgh....." I rubs his eyes and forces himself up. "Well, good morning Asya!" He says as he gets up, and goes straight into the bathroom. I nod feeling pleased with myself for waking him up. I go back downstairs and go into the kitchen to start washing up. "Good Morning Asya..." They all say as I pass them. I ingore them and start to wash up. "Oh, you may talk......" Liam said as he swallows a mouthful of cereal. "Good morning boys...."

I washed up all the plates,bowls, and cutlery and put them all away. I took a walk upstairs to clean all the boys rooms.

*4 hours later*

"Dinner is ready!" I called. The all came downstairs and sat down at the table. They ate and then cleared off, leaving me to wash up. I did the washing up and put everything away. I was just about to go when I saw a figure standing in the doorway. I looked up to see Harry standing there. "Asya....." I backed away and shook my head, not wanting to speak. "You may speak, you dont have to keep quiet all the time babe..." Harry said inching towards me. He placed his hands on my waist. "Harry, You cant do this to me.... Im your slave." A tear fell out of my eyes. "Sssh, dont cry." He pulled me close. "Exactly, your my slave. You do what I want whenever I want."


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