The Slave Trade *ON HOLD!*

Asya has been a slave since she was 6 years old and has been working for the past 12 years of her life. She is now 18 and still working as hard as she can on the ships. The slave day is also coming up soon so she is trying to look her best so people can buy her. She gets brought but to 5 masters. What will they be like? Will they treat her differently?

Read to find out in The Slave Trade


15. 2 weeks to go

Asya POV

I have been very busy cleaning the boys rooms and hoovering and stuff. Ive also been on and off on how I act around simon.


"Uncle Si!" called out Niall, as he rushed over to simon who had just walked in through the door. I was in the livingroom tidying. "Hello asya. Have you done everything?" Asked simon. I nodded. "Ive cleaned the bathroom,kitchen,livingroom twice, made breakfast and lunch for the boys and now Im just about to start dinner..." He nodded. "Good girl." "ASYA IM HUNGRY!" Called out Niall, who then laughed because Im having to act different around simon. "Im making dinner now." "ASYA, COME CLEAN MY ROOM!" Called out Louis. I rushed upstairs and tidied his room and then went back downstairs to do dinner.

*end of flashback*

Recently, Ive been feeling really ill and not had enough energy to do anything, but the boys have been really nice and kind with me. 

*knock knock*

"Come in!" Niall walks in and Harry with a cup of green tea and they had made a card for me. "Here you go Asya. I hope you are going to get better soon." They both kissed me on the cheek and set my tea and card down on my side table. "We made you the card, because we thought it would make you feel better." I smiled and turned my head to look at it. "Thank you. Please tell the others I said thank you too." They nodded and sat at the end of my bed.

"Do you ever get bored just sitting here in bed." I smiled. "Yes, but then I think of you guys. That always puts a smile on my face. And just staring at the poster of you on the wall makes me happy too. Becuase I just think that you're talking to me." They smile and nod. "So, what do you want to do?" Niall asks while Harry rushes out of the room and yells downstairs to the others. "GUYS COME PLAY WITH ASYA! SHE'S LONELY AND BORED!" I laughed at his attempt to call the boys. He didnt see the funny side of it. Harry just came in with a smile on his face.

"Whats so funny?" He asks. Niall is laughing with me too. "Because you shouted downstairs but then you came back in with a smile on your face as if nothing happened." Harry giggled and the door swung open to reveal Zayn,Liam, and Louis standing there. "Hey guys, come in!" They did and scattered themselfs around my room. "Lets play truth or dare." "Asya do you wanna go first?" Liam asked. I shook my head.

"No thanks liam. Thanks for asking anyway." He nodded and picked on Zayn to start. "Niall, truth or dare?" Niall had a weird look on his face. "Hehe, I pick dare." Zayn on the other hand, had an evil grin on his face. "Ok, dont eat nandos." I looked at Niall and he looked very offended and sad. "I-I-I cant. Nandos is addicting and I cant go without it. How long do I have to go without nandos?" Zayn laughed and then put on a straight face. "1 week." "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" We all started to laugh and we ditched the game for a nice movie and pizza.

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