James Potter Year 1 : The adventure begins

James Potter , Son of Famous Harry Potter, is finally attending Hogwarts school of Witch Craft and Wizardry. He joins many characters like Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy. Little does he know that remaining Death Eaters are at large and seeking revenge on Harry Potter. And targeting the thing Harry loves the most : His family


3. The Trip to Hogwarts

September 1st came abnormally quick. The King Cross trip was very muggle style. The families drove in a muggle car. " Ok guys we talked about this. You have to walk straight through the barrier. " And so they did. One by one they ran through and disappeared. " It's 10:58. We'll never make it !" Exclaimed James. " It's ok. We will make it" said Harry. Somehow Harry's words always comforted James. They indeed made it. They waved outside the window until Harry , Ginny , Ron , and Hermione were out of sight. "Well now we all have to do is wait for the trolley !" Said excited Albus. They all agreed and they started talking about the houses and Quidditch. "Ravenclaw is for the smart people, Slytherin is for the dark wizards, Gryffindor is for the Brave and Hufflepuff is for—" stopped James. He said what he wanted to say " for the misfits I suppose". " Now you are wrong. It's for the people of courage and also the misfits" said Lily grinned. Just as they were about to laugh , a girl walked in. She had Honey colored hair with greenish Blueish eyes. She was tall for eleven and skinny but curvy. "Can I sit here? Everywhere else is full," she asked. "Sure" said Albus and James together "My name is Bailey Nicole. This is my first year." Bailey said. " Mine is James this is Albus and this is Lily. All Potters and first years" replied James. This girl is looking fine James thought." Cool. What houses do you want to be in?" Bailey asked. The Potters looked at each other and said " Gryffindor". "Me as well". "Did any of your parents go to Hogwarts?" "Well no. And I'm not muggle born. My mom went to Beauxbaton and my dad is a muggle" she said finally and firmly. " We're all pure bloods. But we aren't prejudice." Said Lily. They chatted happily on other things like Quidditch and Lessons. "Anything from the trolley!" Said the old woman " Yes give me Four of each thing" said James winking at Bailey. He paid her 1 galleon and 3 sickles. They happily ate some of Pumpkin Pasties Licorish Wands Chocolate Frogs and to top it all of Droobles Best Flavored Chewing Gum. " We should change into our Robes before we past out with all this candy. " said Lily. They all agreed and started changing. It was when they all saw The beautiful castle and its towers when they realized it: We were at Hogwarts
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