James Potter Year 1 : The adventure begins

James Potter , Son of Famous Harry Potter, is finally attending Hogwarts school of Witch Craft and Wizardry. He joins many characters like Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy. Little does he know that remaining Death Eaters are at large and seeking revenge on Harry Potter. And targeting the thing Harry loves the most : His family


4. The Sorting Ceremony


  They unloaded from the Train and on to the boats ("Four ter a boat" said Hagrid). The first years were met at the Great Hall by Professor McGonagall , Deputy Headmistress as stated in James's Letter. " Welcome First years! In a few moments you'll be seated with your classmates. But first you must be sorted into your houses. There are Gryffindor , Hufflepuff , Ravenclaw , and Slytherin. You know the whole 'Bad things lose points good thing earn points' so I won't bother with that(Yes! Said Albus and Lily). The House Cup will be awarded to the house with the most points at the end of the year. Wait here while we get ready. "

"So it's true. Three Stupid Potters came to Hogwarts. Harry Potter 'The Chosen One' and his kids. Pity of an Idiot if you asked me —" 

" At least my father wasn't a Death Eater Malfoy !" 

" James calm—". " Nip it Albus !"  Slowly James an Malfoy started cursing at each other until McGonagall came in" We are ready for you" said McGonagall , Shooting a nasty look at James and Malfoy. As they walked into the Great Hall, James heard the Chatting in the Great Hall. The stopped in front of a step stool and an old looking hat 

"Now when I call your name you'll come up and the sorting hat shall sort you. Abbott, Mary"


"Abercrombie Hector" 


" Carson, Ben" 


" Potter , Albus"


"Potter , James"

The sorting hat paused and thought for a second. Then it said—


"Potter , Lily"


" Malfoy, Scorpius"


"Nichole , Bailey"


"Longbottom, Alice" 


"Lestrange , Tom" 


"Weasley , Rose"


" Weasley , Hugo" 


It continue until Brandon Zane (SLYTHERIN)

The Headmistress stood up and said " Let the feast begin!" Instantly the plates and tables filled with food. After about 30 minutes the desserts came out and it filled with cakes and Treacle tarts. " Now you are all fed you may proceed to the dormitories with your prefects. Goodnight" she said finally. The Gryffindors followed their prefects up the stairs and into the common room where the prefect explained where everything was and where to go. James immediately went up to his 4 poster bed and fell asleep thinking about what the next day had in store for him. 

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