James Potter Year 1 : The adventure begins

James Potter , Son of Famous Harry Potter, is finally attending Hogwarts school of Witch Craft and Wizardry. He joins many characters like Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy. Little does he know that remaining Death Eaters are at large and seeking revenge on Harry Potter. And targeting the thing Harry loves the most : His family


6. The Shack


     The first week at Hogwarts went fast but the homework was overloaded. James and Bailey weren't finished with half of the tasks. Yet somehow Lily and Albus were done. "Please write my essays. Potions is only half !" Argued James to Lily. " I'll only do Potions and the History of Magic one. The rest are something you should work on. " finished James. James thanked her and proceeded to look for Albus to do more of his homework. He saw something on the map on his way. Forbidden Shack. 

   " What is this ? ". James went to the Shack dot instead of Albus who was closer than the Shack. He got to the supposed entry way, but there was a Gargoyle who didn't let him. " How do I get in ?" He asked himself. Little did he know a mini-dot wand said "Relicap!" He said the incantation and the Gargoyle opened. "Lumos!" A small light appeared at the tip of the wand and he kept on the path. The shack was in sight and he immediately knew what this was. " The Shrieking Shack ! But why is it the Forbidden Shack?" It was a stupid question considering there were sounds. It sounded like a dying hamster. What was this sound? James hadn't known any jinxes except for the Disarming one , but that probably wouldn't be effective against whatever it was. He went one , barely able to carry it on with immense fear growing inside him. He entered through a door and saw it. It was a Big dog at least seven feet tall. It was staring deeply into a crystal ball like the one Ted had explained to him hours before. " Tell me what the future holds" said the high, raspy voice " Will they succeed ? I need to serve him best !" James ran back to the Gargoyle. Gasping for air , he started thinking to himself : What was that thing? What was it speaking about ? What master ? Awkwardly , he ended up at the potrait of the Fat Lady. He gave her the password and entered the common room to find Albus, Lily, and Bailey gathered around the fire. " Where were you ?" Bailey asked. James told them everything he saw including the dog-figure, and what it was saying. " Maybe it was a sphinx " suggested Bailey. " Impossible. It sounded like it had a human mind. " responded James. Lily said she'd go the Library to look it up. 

     The next morning , James woke with a start. He realized what had happened no less than 24 hours ago. He had confronted a possibly dangerous creature with a master plan. It hit him then. Why didn't he use the map !  Oh well it's gone now. He continued on to breakfast were he met Bailey. " So Lily found nothing. At least she thought so. She said it could've either been a werewolf , an Animagus , or a poorly Transfigured human." James thought. What could it be ?  Later on , he an Lily agreed to write to Harry. It seemed like it was the right thing to do

  Hey dad I saw a very rare creature in the Shrieking Shack last night. It seemed to be planning something. I know you said not to go wondering until I'm a bit trained up but I think I have something here. It looked like a 7 Foot dog on its hind legs but it had a human brain and did human actions. Please write back when you can. 

Hope you are well James. 

Yep that sounded about right. Now all he had to do was await a response. Lunch was tempting but James wasn't in the mood. He was worried about that dog figure. He went to sleep later that day in the night. He barely slept and when he did he dreamed about the figure. At around 3pm he fell asleep and didn't wake up until it was time to. And he didn't dream about the dog. 

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