James Potter Year 1 : The adventure begins

James Potter , Son of Famous Harry Potter, is finally attending Hogwarts school of Witch Craft and Wizardry. He joins many characters like Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy. Little does he know that remaining Death Eaters are at large and seeking revenge on Harry Potter. And targeting the thing Harry loves the most : His family


5. Lessons and Professors

    The next day James woke with a start. He got out of bed, showered and got into his robes. Since he couldn't remember a single place in the castle, he used the Marauder's Map with Albus , Lily , and Bailey. After 15 minutes they reached the Great Hall in time for breakfast. He ate rather sheepishly because his nerves made his bacon and eggs go messy all over his plate. "Ok today we have History of Magic with Binns, Potions with SlugHorn , Transfiguration with McGonagall , Lunch , Defense Against the Dark Arts with — " He stopped. This name didn't sound right. "Professor Dolohov. Have you guys heard of him ?" James saw Lily Albus and Bailey shake their heads. When he saw Ted's reaction two seats down he knew who it was. " Antonin Dolohov was a Death Eater. He killed Ted's Parents " sighed James. " How could someone trust him!" Exclaimed Bailey. " Dunno know. Anyways then we have Flying lessons with Madam Hooch, Charms with Flitwick , and Herbology with Professor Longbottom. Lets get going. " James finished. They finished up breakfast and headed down to Professor Binns's classroom. 

   Just as everyone he knew explained it, James found History of Magic boring. He and Albus were playing Exploding Snap , while Lily and Bailey where talking about a Witch Weekly's article across the room. It seemed as though with every passing day since Binns had died , he had become more depressed. After what felt like an eternity they got to Potions with SlugHorn. They started learning about the key ingredients in a Forgetfulness Potion. It was better than History of Magic because they tried their best to pay attention. James found Transfiguration fun since   Professor McGonagall herself can transfigured herself into a cat.  He was actually said when time was up. 

   " Yes lunch !" Whispered Albus to James. " This many hours of learning can get you real hungry. " said James. It appeared as though Lily had already started her History of Magic essay. " It's lunch ! Take a chill pill and eat Lily. And you too Bailey !" Said James also noticed Bailey taking her quill and ink out.

    After what seemed like a few minutes of fun they went to Defense Against the Dark Arts. Professor Dolohov gave a speech about how important it was to learn about hexes and curses. " And protective charms and countercurses of course" He added as though he didn't find it important. " Tell you what. That guy is still with the Dark Arts Mate. " Said James in a low voice. After that they took flying lessons with Madam Hooch. She gave instructions on how to pick up a broom. James loved to Hover but he already knew how to since his mom always had the latest model of broomsticks. " These Nimbus 2000s have been in the market quite a while but they are exceptionally brilliant brooms." said Madam Hooch looking at all the expressions on the students faces.

     After what appeared to be the best lesson yet they continued on to Charms. They tiny Professor Flitwick was teaching them the wrist movement Swish and Flick. The only good news about that was that they were actually going to perform a spell the next lesson. 

   In Herbology they learn about a plant called Devil's Snare and its affects. James had actually volunteered to answer questions because he forgot to bring the Fake wands and was extremely bored. Albus didn't volunteer but did copy down notes willingly. The worst part of that class was they had to research even further on Devil's Snare , so they could do an essay the following week. 

   " Finally class is over ! " Yelled James. " Ok what was your favorite class. Mine was Flying. " " Mine was Transfiguration. It looks cool to be able to transfigure yourself " answered Albus " Mine was Potions. Even though SlugHorn is getting a bit old. " followed Bailey. The awaited an answer from Lily but there was no response. Not until —

" I liked all the classes. They show an interesting quality don't you think" she finally said. James opened his mouth to argue but didn't find a way to fight this. "Alright well lets go do homework. Or something. " They went to the Gryffindor common room and started doing Homework. By Dinner time they had only done a reading of 3 chapters from Defense Against the Dark Arts. "Yay dinner time! " Again they used the Marauder's Map to get down to lunch. They sat down and first heard announcements from the Headmistress. Finally the plates had filled up with any foods you could imagine. There was roast beef and mashed potatoes and chicken and everything a hungry man would adore. Finally they finished eating and went up to bed. James and Albus brushed their teeth , Changed into Pajamas and got into bed. James fell asleep pumped and more alive than ever. 

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