I meet one direction!

Have u ever seen starstruck on Disney channel? Well this story is a 1D version!! Hope u enjoy :) MY name is Laura and my sis Gemma makes me go to a 1D concert where i meet Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis. Then their is a bit of chemistry between me and Harry Styles


6. what a mess!

I walked through the door hanging my coat up and my boots and walking through the house. 

"OMG WHAT HAPPEND!" exclaimed grandma.

" Its like if u nealy got hit my a lorry and then u fell into the puddle,"

I glared at my nana it was like if she was spying on me the whole way there or something like that. i stamped up the stairs entering my room.

"OMG," exclaimed Gemma. "What happened?"

"Nothing," I grouched

"Oh wait u thought that if u went to go get my phone u wouldn't have to go to the 1D concert with me," she smirked

My mouth dropped open. It was like if everyone was watching me wherever i went.

" I am right arnt I?" asked Gemma.

I walked towards the bathroom pretending we never had a conversation.


3 Hours later

It was 12:30pm that ment 6 hours and 30 minutes until my nightmare. At the moment, i was watching tom and jerry until my sister  came in and turned over the chanel.

"Hey i was watching that!" I frowned.

"Its my turn now," she smiled.

Suddenly, there was aloud gasp coming from my mum. We all huddled in the door way to see what was up.

"Mud!" shouted mum.

Dad looked at the back of my shoe and could see mud.

"Erm... Laura do u know anything about this," he asked.

Quickly, i walked up stairs slamming the door just to make sure they heard.



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