I meet one direction!

Have u ever seen starstruck on Disney channel? Well this story is a 1D version!! Hope u enjoy :) MY name is Laura and my sis Gemma makes me go to a 1D concert where i meet Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis. Then their is a bit of chemistry between me and Harry Styles


8. The 5 Guys!

All of a sudden, I was on the floor. 5 guys were staring at me with their hoods up. 

"OMG we are so sorry," said one of the strangers.

"Are u alright?" the other one said.

All my mind was filling up with questions. 

" What does it look like," I replied.

" Come on, we better take u to see a doctor, " Said the 3rd stranger kindly.

" NO!" I screamed.

Quickly, they put their hand over my mouth and dragged me across the floor into a limousine.

" LET ME OUT!" I cried while my head was filling with fear.

" HELP!"

"SHHHH," Said the 5th one.

"Who...Who are u? and what do u want from me?" I said trying to find my words.

Suddenly, they all took down their hoods and then bowed down.

"I am Harry," whispered Harry.

"I am Zayn," smiled Zayn.

" I am Liam," muttered Liam.

" I am Niall," said Niall.

" And I am Louis," said Louis.

" Wait I have heard then names before... OMG... AHHHHHHHHH!" I shouted.

They all thought I was a crazy fan. So they backed away from me.

" HAHAHAHA you think I am a fan," I giggled.

Slowly, they all nodded at the same time.

" I dont like u guys," I said.

"oh," said Harry.


There was something I really liked about them all.





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