I meet one direction!

Have u ever seen starstruck on Disney channel? Well this story is a 1D version!! Hope u enjoy :) MY name is Laura and my sis Gemma makes me go to a 1D concert where i meet Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis. Then their is a bit of chemistry between me and Harry Styles


7. one direction concert

We finally arrived at the concert everyone from school was here. I sunk in my seat what if they were still laughing because i tripped?

"Coming?" asked Gemma.

" I think I am going to stay in the car,"

" But we had a deal," she reminded me.

" Yeah the deal was come with not go inside,"

" Oh... ok bye," she said.

all i could see was her legs skipping off in the distance.

2 Hours and 25 mins later

I thought i'd better go see where my sister was so i opened the car door and started walking to the front entrance. When i got there i couldn't get inside loads of papparanzi were crowding the front entrance. UGH i thought to my self so i strolled to the back entrance. I reached for the handle but then the door was pushed open and i got knocked out. 


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