I meet one direction!

Have u ever seen starstruck on Disney channel? Well this story is a 1D version!! Hope u enjoy :) MY name is Laura and my sis Gemma makes me go to a 1D concert where i meet Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis. Then their is a bit of chemistry between me and Harry Styles


3. Morning

My eyes opened to the morning sun. I turned around to see my sister Gemma fast asleep in her bed. Quietly, i sneeked out of the room closing the door shut behind me. I crept towards my mum and dads room and they were still asleep. I thought maybe if i go to where i threw Gemma's phone i might be able to find it and not go to the One Direction concert. It was a brilliant plan but there was only one thing rewining it. My coat was in my Mums and Dads room. Silently, I tip-toed to my mums room and opened the door but the door made a noise when it opened so my mum tossed and turned. Suddenly, I gulped and place one foot in the room gently and i did that until i got to the closet.I opened the closet door and looked through all the clothes but it wasn't there. I stripped my mums closet and then my dads. Then i saw it in the wash quickly i tided up the mess and shut the wardrobe doors very loudly then my mums eyes opened. I hide under the bed trying to reach for the wash basket but it was to late my mum got out of bed and went to do her hair. The problem was though that the basket was right in front of her. 10 mins later, she went to the bathroom so i was able to get the basket in time before she came out. I ran down stairs slipping in to my boots and coat then i turned around and there was a black shadow...

" Hello," I gulped.

"Hello Laura,"said the voice kindly.

As it came closer, the shadow became more clearly. It was...



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