I meet one direction!

Have u ever seen starstruck on Disney channel? Well this story is a 1D version!! Hope u enjoy :) MY name is Laura and my sis Gemma makes me go to a 1D concert where i meet Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis. Then their is a bit of chemistry between me and Harry Styles


2. Home!

I got out of the car slamming the door behind me. I walked up to the front door and bursted in. I peered round the corner and then went stamping up the stairs. Gemma ran in after me but then my dad turned the  corner.

"Whats up with her?" asked dad.

"she fell at school so now she's grumpy,"replied  Gemma.

" well maybe I better go see her," dad said firmly.

" No no i will go," suggested Gemma.

" Ok thanks Gemma," said dad.

As soon as dad walked round the corner, Gemma ran up the stairs. I could hear her all the way from my room. The door slightly opened and i could see and hear Gemma peeking through and shouting my name.

"In hear," i called.

She walked in and sat on my bed she gave me that look to say whats wrong?

"Nothing,' I muttered.

"There is please Laura tell me," she said.


I turned around trying not to smirk or smile but i couldn't help it.

" Nothing," I whispered.


"UGH why cant I have a sister who tells me everything and I have lots in commen with," she glared.

" Well u can't have everything u want so deal with it," I shouted.

We both turned away from eachother so our backs were facing one another.

"Listen i am sorry that i am not the perfect little sister,"I muttered.

" I am sorry as well I shoudn't of said anything," smiled Gemma.

I turned around giving her a big hug as to say sorry.

"Oh and i am sorry that i threw ur phone out of the car,"

"Its ok but u have to do something for me,"

"What is it? I will do anything?" i said.

"U come with me to the 1D concert tomorrow!"she said.

"Why dont u get ur friend Lizzie go with u?" I asked.

"She is going on holiday and u did say u would do anything?"

"Fine but if anyone sees me from school tell them that u made me go!" I pointed.

" U have ur self a deal," she smirked.

I badly hated 1D (BTW: I REALLY 100 PERCENT LOVE 1D THIS IS JUST A STORY) and now 1 of my nightmares were coming true.



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