The kingdom of Ezthrame. Elves, dragons, fairies and humans are only myths to the humans that live there. But when the truth is discovered in the Forest of Ultanak, west of the King's Palace, the fates of these five peoples will become entwined. And what of the elvish enchantress that has appeared seemingly out of nowhere?


2. Chapter 2

Two days later, the palace was in an uproar.

The King’s first advisor had been greeted by his daughter covered with dirt and tear-stains, shocked and crying. When he questioned her he had learned the news- both his sons were dead, attacked by a creature thought to be a myth. The King had lost one of his best captains, and many men.

Now Hurathaen wanted open war against the elves. But if a single, female elf could defeat twenty-two men single handed, how many would it take before he and his army were dead? On the other hand, the kingdom was full of fear and the people demanded that something be done.

“Bring Advisor Hurathaen and his daughter Mihril” he ordered a passing servant, Grensalin, “My three sons also. There are matters I must discuss with them”.

It was not long before Nimrad, Dolras and Ediln were in the room with their father and the advisor with his daughter.

“Gentlemen- and lady” King Alskar began “We all know of recent events, I trust?” His gaze wandered to his three sons, and he was relieved to find they all nodded.

“Good. Something must be done, but what is still unclear. So I must ask you all for your ideas.”

“My king, I have already suggested that we wage war on the elves” Advisor Hurathaen exclaimed “We cannot sit by and watch as they murder our folk! Have not the deaths of my sons shown the guilt of these people?”

“Peace, Hurathaen” King Alskar said “You are right, of course, that we cannot let this happen again. But, your daughter Mihril has said that this was the work of only a single elf. Not a whole race. Do not forget that this one elf killed twenty-two highly trained men and lived. It will not take many of them to dispatch our army, if we find them at all. The Ultanak forest is many miles long”.

“What else can we do?” asked Hurathaen.

“For now, keep our people away from the forest” suggested Ediln “It will not be difficult. People do not like to go into there anyway.”

“If there are elves there, how do we know that there aren’t other creatures of legend and myth?” questioned Nimrad “Goblins, trolls, dwarves, fairies or other kinds.”

“I did not see any” Mihril answered, quick to defend her father.

“You only saw one elf, yet assume that there are at least hundreds living in that forest” Nimrad replied “For all we know, there could be.”

“Then do you suggest that we send more people into this forest?” demanded Hurathaen “To find out whether they exist or not?”

“Not armed men” Dolras replied “That would seem like a threat and they would be killed immediately if they came across the elves again"

Hurathaen frowned "I do not think that is true. And the people of Ezthrame agree with me, you must think about their wishes sire. And, begging your pardon my lord, we are all in danger and you wish to sit here arguing about whether there are elves in the woods or not?"

“But Lanor and Durasi were attacking the elf!” Mihril exclaimed suddenly, her hazel eyes wide with realisation. “And so were the soldiers!”

“Keep the people away from the forest” King Alskar said finally “But do not allow a single man, woman or child to enter that forest. That is my decision for now, but if there is another attack then I shall have no choice but to take further action. Hurathaen is not wrong when he says we are in danger."

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