Taming Harry Styles

Mila is just starting to go to college, and she is already off on a rough start. When she meets the bad boy Harry Styles, everything will change.Will Mila be able to tame this bad boy?


2. The Party

this will be a short chapter. i am also not in the modd for editing, my computer has prblems right now. so... sorry.


mila put on her see through tank top, and her neon orange skinny shorts. tonight was a party at harry's frat house, and mila was invited.... by the next dorm neighbor. "woah, mila! you look sexy tonight!" harry said once mila got into his car. _omg i just realized the words had lines!



mila blushed madly. "ugh, i take it back," he regretted. mila rolled her eys and put her seatbelt on. "wow, harry! this place is huge? do you get.. um.. wasted here?!" mila asked excitedly.


"erm.. no. just get out and mingle."


mila got out of the car, and opened the door to the house. there were people partying in it, some lying on the floor half naked or passed out, some using the bathroom in the... okay. you get my point.



"hey, mila! want a drink?!" a random guy asked her. "how the hell do you know my name?!" mila replied. the guy laughed. "i am your sexiest nightmare. say.. there is an empty room upstairs, if you know what i mean!" he laughed with an evil smile.


"first, she doesnt drink. second, you are a perv." mila gasped at the voice. it was harry. "geez, harry. you know i am kidding! that bitch is ugly anyways." the guy stumbled off.

"you are lucky i saved you, so you need to repay me. fair, right?" harry said. mila nodded. "good, now follow me."

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