Taming Harry Styles

Mila is just starting to go to college, and she is already off on a rough start. When she meets the bad boy Harry Styles, everything will change.Will Mila be able to tame this bad boy?


3. Harry Loves Mila

no editing. this is rated yelow, so no warnings. well, i just did. be happy two chapters in a day, okay?!?!


mila opened her eyes. she was ina basement, tied to a  bed. she saw harry getting undressed. undressed?!? "harry, the fuck you doing?" mila asked scaredly. harry smirked. "you are repaying me...." he said slowly, jumping onto the bed.


he leaned in to kiss me, and soon mila knew what he was doing. but luckily and unluckiyl for mila, someone walked right in.

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