*Skylar is played by Olivia Holt*
Skylar has always been a secretive girl. She is the daughter of posiden and the daughter of a werewolf. She soon finds out she is the chosen one and must save the world from being taken over by werewolves. Will she save the world or kill all the werewolves? Read to find out.


3. The voice

I woke up with everyone all fine. They said that I fell asleep and started screaming. All was ok. We went home and I went to the reef. To my surprise I was called home because my dad was visiting. We went on a walk and I introduced him to Jacob. My dad saod that he senced something wrong and he asked me about any of my dreams if they had anything important, I told him about my dream from the campfire and he told me to watch out for my friends and Me so that nothing would happen to me. It was around 10 when he left, I quickly went outside, I meet my friend, Earny the Dolphin, every day I meet him and his daughter at the middle of the reef. Did I mention that whenever I come into contact with water, I majically change clothes. I have blue hair xtentiance, Feathers in my fair, blue jeans, a blue skull t-shirt, and blue converse all stars. Well me and Earny talked a while and we hung out with jasmine, his daughter. We swam and talked when I felt someone near. I said bye to Earny and jasmine and went to investigate. I was thrown against a tree. I was fine, I turned into a wolf and killed the beast. Soon I saw that Jacob was there. I had a huge cut in my leg and was loosing blood fast, and passed out. I woke up in the middle of the kitchen. Jacob was there ''hey so whats up.'' Another vision. They were happening so often now. I had a huge pain in my head, I fell to the floor in pain. I heard a voice. It was choking me and said that '' I will find you and kill everyone you care about. I killed your mom already. The voice was gone. And I gasped for breath, everyone was around me. ''Are you ok?!?!?!?!?! said my best friend abby. ''There was a voice. It''s coming, and it killed my mom. My dad stormed in. Is everything ok. ''Help'' I said '' What happened, I felt something I came swimming as fast as I could. '' Dad the thing that killed mom wants me and all of you, I said and looked at everyone in the room.

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