*Skylar is played by Olivia Holt*
Skylar has always been a secretive girl. She is the daughter of posiden and the daughter of a werewolf. She soon finds out she is the chosen one and must save the world from being taken over by werewolves. Will she save the world or kill all the werewolves? Read to find out.


4. The Truth

They brought me to the couch. I heard Earny scream. I ran well into the ocean and found him on the floor with a boy with black hair on him with a knife. He saw me and said'' oh crap the chosen on is here'' I looked at him with a  death look in my eyes. I went up talked him to the floor, he put the knife in my stomach,. I sat there bleeding. The funny thing is that the water was scared and was cursed so it couldn't heal me. I laid there, looking up, when I heard my dad yell ''NO!!!!!'' and killed him. He took me in and told Zak to heal me. He healed me and I was there. Waited for my mind to think this over. I am the chosen one and someone is out to get me and the people I care about. My dad looked very scared. '' Looks like its time for me to tell you the real truth about you and your mother. Well see, when you were born, you were very special, you could see the future. Once  someone got to close to you and your mother died trying to help you. The person, Zayn, was about to get you when your mother put a spell on you. On your 19th birthday you will fight the greatest battle ever. You will kill the werewolf murder and save the werewolf rase. Since your birthday is next week, He is searching for you, and sending vampires to kill you. Your mom didn't die in battle, she died for you. So all the visions your having will happen, are something like that will happen, That is why you are having them more often.'' I looked at him scared. I told him I had to go and think. I went to the karaoke place. Singing was the only thing that could help me think. I got up and told him to play Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. I sang and everyone clapped. I sang some more songs and went home and went to bed. Hopefully, tomorrow won't be so crappy like today.

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