*Skylar is played by Olivia Holt*
Skylar has always been a secretive girl. She is the daughter of posiden and the daughter of a werewolf. She soon finds out she is the chosen one and must save the world from being taken over by werewolves. Will she save the world or kill all the werewolves? Read to find out.


2. Healing

I heard the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there was the boys I saved at the attack yesterday. They were holding a hurt boy in there hands. Can you heal him? said the blonde one. Than all of them appeared at the door. Get out of here! said Zak, The tough one. I pushed him back its ok come on in, I told the boys. I took a bottle of water and poured it over my hand it drizzeled in to his wounds and he woke up. He looked me in the eye. Thanks, said the boy. No problem, I told him.  ''By the way, my names Louis, That's harry, liam, and Niall. Hey sky, looks like you guys got this all handled, well we will meet there. k, bye. I explained about how I am posidieans daughter and let them leave and I started to go to the camp fire.

****************************************AT THE CAMPIRE*********************************************


Hey sky where have you been? said my best friend Abby. ''I met another pack, saved there lives and learned come new spells, watch this'' I levitated the log with all the guys on it. One of them screamed like a little girl. All the girls fell to the ground laughing. ''Sky, put us down'' Said all the guys in unisine. I let them down, I am the prankster of the group. Well lets just say that we are the most dangerous pack there is, we are all hybrids. Jacob is a shape  shifter, Kalabar is a water wizard, Carly is the smartest person alive, Anna is a elf, Abby is a shape shifter, Steven is a shape shifter too,  and Zak is a water wizard too. Well we all had fun when I went to get the marshmallows when I was thrown against a rock and everything went black.

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