When Punk and Dark Meet

never thought i would come face to face with death so soon. Cool metal of a gun was pressed aginsed my head. I took one last took at they guy i love. I shut my eyes. I prayed for god to forgive me. My eyes stayed close bracing myself for what was about to come.


2. Characters

This story will have LOTS of characters! Im putting it as a chapter so there is no confusion and so that you can alays come back to it!!
The Bloods
Kenzie- girl with white hair brown eyes
Punk Liam (1D) as Liam
punk Demi Lovato as Zoe
punk ashton (5sos) as Daniel
Punk Louis (1D) as Louis
Punk Harry (1D) as Harry
Punk Niall (1D) as Niall
Punk Luke (Janoskians) as Isacc
Punk Jai (Janoskians) as Tyler
Punk Josh devine as Josh

The Cyrps
Punk Luke (5sos) as Dylan
Punk Callum (5sos) as Ryan
Punk Skip (Janoskians) as Noah
Punk James (Janoskians) as Adam
Punk Michael (5sos) as Elliot
Punk Beau (Janoskians) as Sean
Punk Justin Bieber as Evan
Cody Simpson as Theo 
Punk Joey (Youtube) as Bradley
Punk Selena Gomez as Maddison
red head with brown eyes: Anna

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