Never Say Never

This is for the competition *Movellas got political*
You might think, that keeping you room tidy, is all what you need to do.
You don't know, that Earth is somehow vanishing, neither that mostly because of your daily routine.
Let me tell you one thing, we call this, laziness.
When you keep an environment untidy, you might know how it really infects you. Please read the story to know more.


1. Danger is approaching

To keep your room tidy, isn't very 'surprising' 

neither to help your mom tidy the house.

 The world, is known to you, as some water and land. You think, that is it..

You see people, animals, plants, but without you even knowing, you hurt them.

when someone throws a can, or even smoke, don't you see what it means?!

you are harming, the beautiful environment, where you been lived your whole life in.

it is annoying, indeed, but why not pick a can, and recycle it?

what really annoys me, is how everyone just care about 'themselves' 

wont you love to have a clean environment, where your kids can grow into it?

wont you love, to see animals and plants living in an evergreen land?

then simply, doing a small task, won't harm, since we got plenty of free times.

when I said we, I meant every person alive. We could stop using the car for simple tasks, stop smoking, throws cans in its  proper place, why not?!

why not, show how you care about the world, that been eating you it's food, from its rich soil, the world which got a wide sky, with tears of rains, and starry nights.

i just wish, for all the pollution to end, and make an end of the global warming. I simple I could say it, but not do it. I didn't write this, to win the contest, but spread my knowledge, by what my feelings lead me...


the feelings of the animals, when they die, just simple cause of some poison from 'us'. How they suffer, that the land, no food, neither water, cause of 'our' not caring.

did you get it?

earth isn't just a planet to live on it, and die. But a place, where it isn't only you, but other creatures.

i know what you thinking,

"how can I clean a world, whereas I can't clean my room?!"

just with a group of your friends, make a group. Share your ideas, help cleaning the world, you leading it. You might not know it, neither hear it, but people will thank you from their weak hearts.

me emotions are intense, but doing these simple chores, ain't mean you weak, neither supporting. 

You can do many, many things, to help the world. Who knows?! 

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