Don't get me started on: Buses

There are so many things that get me annoyed and irritated. However everyone has that one thing that they absolutely can’t stand, right? We’ll, mine are those big rectangle blocks that travel along our roads that you can hear from a mile away. Guessed what it is yet? That’s right, it’s buses. Don’t get me started on buses, the topic of it aggravates me beyond belief.


1. Don't get me started on: Buses

There are so many things that get me annoyed and irritated. However everyone has that one thing that they absolutely can’t stand, right? We’ll, mine are those big rectangle blocks that travel along our roads that you can hear from a mile away. Guessed what it is yet? Buses. They aggravate me beyond belief.

Firstly, you seem to spend more time waiting for a bus, than you do on it. Then when you’re finally on, it’s nor an enjoyable or pleasurable experience. Agree? Exactly, it’s a pointless money wasting part in our society.

I go on a bus multiple times in a day. In the mornings I'm in a bit of a rush, I grab my bag and glide out of the front door. I then immediately find myself puffing like a steam train to get to the stop, so I don’t miss the bus. Of course this time the bus is going to take as many life times to arrive. As I wait there in the cold while every precious second tick’s by, my nose goes all runny and my ears start to freeze. Why is it that busses can never come on time? Honestly, all they have to do is drive around the same routine, for God’s sake!

After countless minutes of waiting, a rusty old vehicle pulls up with my number on it. I force my cold limbs to climb aboard and fumble through my bag to get my change out. The bus driver sighs in annoyance at my slowness. Well, it was the drivers fault for taking too long! When I finally put my fare in, I find that I have been ripped off for an adult ticket when I am only 15! Honestly, can the driver not see I am in a school uniform?

Before I can as so much as grab a pole to steady myself; the bus lurches forward at the speed of light. Causing me to lose my balance and trip over people’s feet, before landing on a strangers lap. Not quite the situation you’d want to be in, would you? Apologising to the poor person that I’d just squashed, I get up and hope to just find a seat and relax for the rest of my journey. Impossible.

I have to search the bus high and low for an empty, hygienic, chewing gum free seat. And in most cases, when I do find that one place, it’s time for me to get off the bus. So as I trudge back up the narrow isle towards the door, I have to yell at the bus driver to prevent him from driving off or missing my stop. Those little bells that tell the bus driver to stop, never work, and I mean never. And whenever they do, they make the quietest sound ever, contrasting with the deafening noise on the rest of the bus. How in the world, is the bus driver supposed to hear anything?

Getting off the bus is another thing. The moment you put one foot on the floor, the bus lurches forward once again. It’s like suddenly the bus driver is in an urgency to get somewhere. So he closes the doors while you’re still halfway out, trapping you in between. All it takes is a fraction of a second to avoid those closing doors and save your life.

The longer journeys on the bus are worse. They just make me want to dig a hole in the ground and lay in it. The worst thing about them is enduring the noise. Yes, the deafening rattle that the bus (as well as the people) make. There’s one thing I don’t understand, how busses are made. Because every time I seem to get on, it’s like an earthquake. The windows rattle every time the bus moves. The metal bars, seats, drivers’ area and even the bin seem to make the most noise ever. It makes me wonder whether the bus is safe or if it’s going to break down and fall apart at any second. Is it only me that has witnessed this?

Let’s move on to its passengers. Now, this is quite an awkward situation where, you don’t know them and they don’t know you. There are many students that travel on the bus every day. But some of them are just beyond annoying to the point where I am pulling my own hair; literally. Ever notice that one attention seeking person that always sits at the very back of the bus and blasts their music out loud? Do they annoy the heck out of you? I thought so. I mean, can’t the person just by a decent pair of headphones and plug them in their ears. It’s not hard.

Talking of attention seekers on the bus, I hate those people that are talking on the phone but make sure that the whole bus can hear their conversation. I mean, calm you’re voice down! We other passengers on the bus don’t need to know what is going on in your life, so just tone down a bit. Not only is it annoying the heck out of me, but surely the bus driver is going to get distracted. And if the bus driver gets distracted and we end up in a road accident, I'm going to be blaming people like you.

Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, the stench hits you. It’s like every time you step on to that piece of junk for a ride; your nose is filled with a new scent. Trust me when I'm saying the ‘scent’ isn’t something you would want your home to smell like. One day it would be of cheese onion crisps, the next it would be of smoke. I mean where did the smoke even come from? By law people are not allowed to smoke on the bus. The worst sent I have ever smelt on the bus is of babies used nappies and passed off gas. Honestly, it’s like a nuclear bomb of sewer water had just exploded. Now this may be the passengers fault, I don’t know, but couldn’t the bus driver do anything about it? Would it kill to get an air freshener?

If the stench isn’t worse enough, you have the buses hygiene problem to deal with. I'm talking about those people that sneeze in their hands and then touch the poles. I’m their sitting wide eyed thinking about how I will manage to get off the bus without touching that place with the germs. But then again, whole bus is a germ filled environment. Wouldn’t you think?

To conclude, I would like for you to take a moment about what’s said above; from the way buses to its passengers. All these factors that would affect ones experience on a bus. However, as society we could try our best to make that experience better.

Saying a little ‘hello’ to the grumpy bus driver might change his mood for the better. And who knows, next time he might let you catch a ride for free! As passengers we can try and pick up our rubbish and put it in the bin. We can put our used chewing gum in a better place than under the bus seats and try not to pass of gas. We can try to be a bit more hygienic and sneeze in a tissue and then use a little hand gel afterwards. We, as people of our society need to be more considerate of others on the bus, to make it a much more pleasurable experience. If we did all this, then people like me, wouldn’t have to rant on about it, now would they?

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