James and I

this is how i would handle my life if i were Lily Evans.


1. the bully

There I was with my red hair and green eyes my name is Lily. Anyway i saw Serverus snape in the Great Hall. I had a crush on him. Hi I said. hello he said as he walked. then I saw him James Potter. Stupefy! he shouted. It hit Serverus right in the back. ''How dare you!'' I shouted and rushed to serverus he lay there on the ground nose bleeding it looked like it was broken.I helped him up ''come on'' and helped him to the Hospital Wing. after that i walked to the dungeons for my potions lessons. I cant belive that he would do that to him! i thought .When I got there,I handened in my potions essay in on bezoar. I told the professer serverus would be little late. He got a broken nose. after I sat down proffesser shoted 10 points from Gryffindor!'' I turned around James and Sirius Black weere having a fish guts fight. i couldn't belive he would be so childish! that was only the begining.

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