James and I

this is how i would handle my life if i were Lily Evans.


3. ohh james :)

after History of Magic was Lunch I sat next to a girl called Marzia She is sweet. There was a boy next to her called Felix. theyre in the Order of the Phoenix. anyway after Lunch I head out on the grounds i saw James with his friends Remus,Sirius,and Peter. He Had his silly little snitch. I also saw Serverus with his nose in a book. James got up and yelled Sectumsempra! Severus' face started bleeding badly stop it James! I yelled. I sprinted to Serverus Fine he said i'll stop if you date me. no i shouted you beat up Serverus all the time! Why would I date you? Fine then said James Leviosa Corpse! He shouted and Serverus lifted up 10 feet in the air. Put him down I yelled as I drew my wand. okay he said and he fell on his face I helped him up come on lets go to the hospital wing i said. Why do you need help from a girl? asked James. I DONT NEED HELP FROM THIS MUDBLOOD! yelled Serverus I went over to James Fine I said I'll go out with you and i kissed him for what seemed like hours until the bell rang ill see you later i said bye and kissed him once more. and ran off to Care of Magical Creatures. everything was fine after that. In 7th year James asked me to marry him I said yes and we got married. Then we had our cute little boy We named him Harry James Potter. Now Voldemort is  after us and our safe keeper is Peter Pettigrew



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