James and I

this is how i would handle my life if i were Lily Evans.


2. not again!

After potions, i went to Transfiguration I had to transform a chair into a dog. Of course, I got it the first time and got 10 points awarded to Gryffindor. Serverus walked into the classroom. ''why so late Mr. Snape?'' asked the proffeser ''I had to go to the Hospital Wing because James Potter gave me a broken nose.'' replied Serverus. 5 points from Gryffindor! Serverus walked past me I really appireciate you helpping me.'' I smiled. You're welcome. After Transfiguration was History of magic. When i walked into the room i saw James writing on the blackboard he was writing mean things about proffeser binns. Stop! i screamed your going to get Gryffindor in trouble!..........Again! I took the eraser and erased it. Chill Red he said. I can't if you keep causing mischeif! Now go sit in your seat ok mum. he replied. i had it with him!

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